(Photo) Barack Obama Speaks Out In Support Of Protesting

Just 10 days after leaving the White House, Barack Obama has expressed how he feels about the Muslim ban President Trump has put upon us. So much has changed in just a few days its crazy.

(Video) Protests at JFK Airport After 2 Iraqi Men With Visa’s Were Detained

Photo Source; Instagram One of Trump’s policies are already having an immediate effect after 2 Iraqi men with valid Visa’s have been detained at John F. Kennedy airport.

NFL: Mike Evans Ends National Anthem/ Donald Trump Protest After Backlash & Discovery He Didn’t Vote

Tampa Bay Bucs star Mike Evans says he’s officially ending his Donald Trump protest and apologizing to the people he offended.

(Video) States Are Now Holding #Anti-Trump Protest

People are truly not here for Donald Trump being our next president. It’s too late for anything to really be done but I’m all for people wanting their voices to be heard. The day after election day has been super emotional for anyone who is #anti-Trump. We even seen Miley Cyrus breaking down over Hillary Clinton’s lost. Cyrus then says she will accept Trump as our President. Union Square and Chicago are not protesting outside of the Trump Tower.

NBA: It Turns Out David West Has Been Protesting the National Anthem For Years

Colin Kaepernick started a national conversation when he refused to stand for the national anthem in protest of the racism, oppression, and police brutality against black people.  Many NFL players have followed Kaepernick’s lead, and it seemed that Golden State Warriors new addition David West was doing the same, but it turns out he stands a couple of feet behind the rest of his teammates during The Star Spangled Banner for a LONG time, and his reasons go much deeper.

(Photo + Video) Update: A State Of Emergency Has Now Been Declared In North Carolina.. The National Guard Will Step In To Assist Police

One person was shot and killed by another civilian during a North Carolina protest. The protest was started following the murder of a disabled man killed by police while reading a book.

NBA: Dwyane Wade on Protests: ‘Actions Speak Louder Than the Words You Say’

Dwyane Wade has been vocal about athletes using their status and platform to take a stand against social injustices in the viral speech he made with his brotherhood, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony at the ESPYs.  Wade’s stance against gun violence was strengthened after the shooting death of his cousin, Nyeka Aldridge.  Over the past weekend, Wade was in Miami for the D-Wade CommUNITY Bike Ride, an event that brought a total of 1,000 local residents and police officers together for a 6-mile bike ride in Coconut Grove.

(Video) White Lives Matter Group Protests Outside NAACP In Houston’s Third Ward

“White Lives Matter”…group protests outside the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s headquarters. How about we just stop putting a color in front of everything and stop being racist to one another when we don’t even realize we’re being racist? Just like this one woman says in the video, saying “white lives matter” is just as bad as bringing a confederate flag to protest.

(Video) Man Spits Truth On Live TV After His Brother Is Killed By A Milwaukee Police Officer

Tensions got really high in Milwaukee literally hours after Sylville Smith was shot by Milwaukee Police. Protests turned into riots, riots turned into burning down businesses. That same night a news reporter talked to the victim’s brother and he had some powerful words he wanted America, especially police officers, to hear.

(Video + Photos) Shots Fired After Hit-and-Run At Michael Brown Protest In Ferguson

Last night Ferguson protesters were commemorating the 2nd anniversary of Michael Brown’s historic and controversial death, when a car took a turn for the worst in it’s direction.

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