(Photos) NBA Update: Is Rick Carlisle Blaming Officials For Being Down 0-3??

(Update) Carlisle just can’t stay out of the spot light this week. As stated earlier, I knew I could smell a fine coming his way. We all know once you criticize the league or the officiating, you’re definitely going to have to pay. Carlisle’s comments about his team getting beat on in Game 3 has cost him $25,000 as the league has just issued his fine. I guess those 26 rebounds Dwight got were really getting to him?

(Video) NBA: Chris Paul In Hot Water After Criticizing Female Referee?

The Los Angeles Clippers were called for five technical fouls last night, which is alot for one game for any team and Chris Paul was not taking kindly to it. The Clippers might of been a little more chippy than normal because they were getting blown out by the Cavs. Now players criticize refs all the time and usually it’s not a big deal but since this particular ref in question is a female it has become more of a story. After the game CP3 was asked about the calls and he didn’t bite his tongue.

(VIDEO) NBA: Joakim Noah Goes Ballistic After Ejection!

Welp it’s either a fine or suspension coming for Joakim Noah. He lost it after a bad call from the refs & was ejected. Welcome to the NBA Commish Adam Silver. Lol. Check out what happened…

(Audio) NBA: Uh-Oh, Zach Randolph Goes IN On Refs After Loss To Rockets!

It has been a tough season for the Grizzlies so far. At 12-16, they are doing much worse than expected and with the Western conference being packed with good teams, the Grizzlies need every win they can get. After blowing a big lead in the 4th quarter against the Rockets last night, big man Zach Randolph went in on how the refs called the game and blamed them 100% for the loss. The Rockets shot 20 more free throws than Memphis which may mean he has a point. Hit the jump for the audio. I am sure he can expect a fine soon.

NFL: Adrian Peterson Rips Refs & Fans In Twitter Rant

C’mon AP, you gotta know that some fans just take things too far — gotta ignore that ignorance.  Adrian Peterson is mad, real mad. He had some harsh words to describe Ravens fans yesterday & also criticized the officiating.  He took to Twitter after the game to vent.   Check it out…

(PHOTO) NFL: Explained: Why Refs Patted Down Ravens Players

Last night the NFL season kicked off and it kicked off in style, but some fans noticed something that seemed unusual. The Ravens players were getting frisked as they left the locker room. So what was that all about?! In case you were confused, it’s been explained. Report after the jump…

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