(Video) LOL: Republican Calls Trump A ‘Loud Mouthed D*ck’ On TV!

It seems like everyday Donald Trump is offending someone. It has to be pretty bad when a Republican can’t stand another Republican though, hit the jump to see this strategist completely diss Trump on CNN.

(Photo + Video) Peter Thiel Is Now The First Openly Gay Man to Address His Sexuality At The RNC

PayPal co-founder and billionaire Peter Thiel is the talk of the net tonight! Thiel is now the first openly gay man to address his sexuality at the RNC.

(Video) SMH: Republican Party Officially Nominates Donald Trump For President

Well everyone. It’s official, Donald Trump is officially a Republican nominee. Trump’s home state of New York pushed him to the top. Donald Trump, Jr. casted the state’s 89 delegates for his father as all the people in Quicken Loans Arena cheer him on.

(Video) Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich Says People Are Probably Born Gay

Out of the three GOP candidates currently running for President it seems like John Kasich is the only one with a set a brains (yet he’s losing badly in the polls, smh). Check out how he tackles the question “Are people born gay?” Now, it’s not a perfect answer but he says a whole lot coming from a Republican.

(Video) Samantha Bee Goes In On Republican Hypocrites For Not Supporting Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

Samantha Bee is one of many who are sick and tried of republicans trying to block out President Obama filling the shoes of Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away recently (May his soul rest in peace). Just last week, Obama nominated Merrick Garland. This was quickly shot down by Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders.

(Video) Donald Trump Says His Supporters Will Start A Riot If He Is Denied Republican Nomination

Donald Trump believes his fans are super loyal. He says that if he is denied Republican nomination his supporters will start a riot.

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