NBA: The Warriors & Spurs Are Resting All Their Main Players For Saturday’s Game And Fans Are Pissed

image via: twitter Saturday night’s game in San Antonio between the Spurs & Warriors was supposed to be one of the marquee games of the entire season. ABC decided to make the game it’s prime time game of the week for Saturday night but they can pretty much bet on having terrible ratings after it was announced that most of the best players on both teams won’t be playing. As you might expect, fans who paid extremely high resale prices to get into the arena are very angry after dishing out lots of money to basically watch the reserves from both teams.

NBA: Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich Goes Off On Donald Trump And His Supporters

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich absolutely ripped into Donald Trump and anyone who voted for him in an emotional, thoughtful rant during an appearance on the Spurs nation podcast. He is now the third NBA coach this week to speak out with no filter about how they feel about Trump and the fact he was elected. Steve Kerr and Stan Van Gundy went off in their own way as well. Popovich’s seemed not ready to speak on the topic yet as he was still digesting it all but he then just let it all flow.

(Video) NBA: LOL, Gregg Popovich Laughs At Tim Duncan & Tony Parker After They Run Into Each Other

Gregg Popovich will rarely ever crack a smile during an a game but even he couldn’t help but laugh at his own guys last night. Tim Duncan & Tony Parker accidentally collided on the court during their game with the Pelicans and they both looked awkward, old and uncoordinated as they both fell to the court. You can bet they will be on “Shaqtin A Fool” very soon.

NBA: LaMarcus Aldridge Already Sounds Like He Misses Being With The Blazers

Did LaMarcus Aldridge make a huge mistake leaving the Portland Trailblazers for the San Antonio Spurs?? Basketball fans will say hell no but for Aldridge himself, he seems like he is already wondering if he made the wrong decision.

NBA: Spurs David West Claims The Beef With Drake & Meek Helped Him Change His Outlook On Life

During the midst of the “beef” with Drake & Meek Mill, most hip hop fans were on full blown ignorant mode, thirsty for another shot from Drake and for some type of reply from Meek. It was during that moment, after Drake dropped “Back to Back” and before Meek came back in an underwhelming fashion with “Wanna Know” that Spurs David West had a realization that there is more important things going on.

(Video) NBA: LaMarcus Aldridge Says He Is Building A House Just For His Sneakers

LaMarcus Aldridge left some money on the table to leave Portland and sign with the San Antonio Spurs. The way he tells it though, it doesn’t seem the extra millions he walked away from will be a problem because he clearly has money to burn. Aldridge, in an interview with Slam Magazine that will release later this month, he says his new home in Dallas was built with a spot for sneaker storage but it’s full already. So he now plans on doing something crazy and building another house JUST for his kicks. Rich people problems.

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