(Photo) NBA: LOL Allen Iverson Has Greatest Explanation on How He Spent $40K on Strippers & TGIFridays

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Six

Recently Matt Barnes hilariously admitted to stealing some of the thousands of dollars Allen Iverson would throw at strip clubs.  According to Barnes, Iverson would throw up to $30,000 or $40,000 each time they went.  Iverson was asked if he really spent that much at the strip club and unintentionally ended up with one of the most hilarious and greatest quotes of all time.

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NBA: Matt Barnes Says He Used To Steal Money From Allen Iverson In Strip Clubs


Matt Barnes is one of those players if he is on your team you have love for him, but if he isn’t you can’t stand him at all! SI.Com wrote a great piece about Barnes that basically covers his entire NBA journey and what he has learned along the way. Besides stealing money from AI, Barnes also reveals he tried to attack his then coach of the Sixers, Mo Cheeks, but had to be held back by Chris Webber and Iverson.

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Nikki Mudarris Being Sued For Posting Masika’s “THOT” Mugshot Billboard On The Sunset Strip


And the saga continues! Nikki Mudarris and her mother Marcelle are both facing a hefty lawsuit after they have been accused of posting fellow Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood cast member Masika’s mugshot with the word “T.H.O.T.” on it on a huge billboard on the Sunset strip. The owner of the popular Ace of Diamond’s strip club in Las Vegas is suing both Nikki and Marcelle for ruining his business image by putting Masika out there and exposing her D.U.I. mugshot from ten years ago. If you watch the show, you know that the owner reached out to Masika to pose for the ad in which she got naked in a bathtub full of diamonds for the shoot. Although it is blatantly obvious that Nikki HATES Masika due to their love triangle with Mally Mall, she is swearing up and down that neither she or her mother had anything to do with the thot billboard. In fact, the Mudarris family is lawyered up because they plan to fight it out until the end to prove they had nothing to do with that particular billboard.

Hmmmmmmmm…. who are you siding with on this one? Sure is hard to believe that the Mudarris’ had nothing to do with this but eh, what do we know… (I am #TeamNikki though… ALL DAY!)

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(Video) Sports: JaVale McGee & D.J. Swearinger Make it Rain in the Strip Club!


What do a 7’0″ center for the Denver Nuggets and a 5’10” safety for the Houston Texans have in common?  A love of dat ass. Cause JaVale McGee (the center) and D.J. Swearinger (the safety) were both at a L.A. strip club this past Monday CRUSHING it showing more than $16K on some of the hard working ladies.

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(Photos) Make It Rain Chronicles: Blac Chyna Throws Over $10K At Strippers For Ace Of Diamonds Opening


Blac Chyna was spotted in attendance at the grand opening for Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles. If you’re a Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood viewer like myself, this is the same club that Masika appeared on the billboard for (that Nikki Mudarris’ family owns.) Black Chyna made it rain on her former fellow booty shaking co-workers and dropped over $10K on the dancers. Granted, she was paid a hefty fee to appear at the club, so she probably didn’t have to come out of pocket for much. Masika was also in the building, flicking it up for the camera with BC. Check out these two lusty vixens making it rain all crazy over in the gallery. Lawwwwwwwdddd, Blac Chyna has came a long way since her stripping days at King of Diamonds (I mean, I guess.)

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(Photos) Tyson Beckford On Difference Between White Strip Clubs and Black Strip Clubs

Tyson on Strip Clubs

All clubs and all strippers are not* created equal says Tyson Beckford On Difference Between White Strip Clubs and Black Strip Clubs. The legendary male model speaks as part of promotion for his upcoming movie “Chocolate City.”

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(Photos) A NYC Strip Club’s Live Sexy Xmas Window Display


The Vivid Cabaret Strip Club in NYC unveiled their live sexy christmas window display. I am talking about live women on display in tiny santa outfits and hats. One of the girls working at the strip cub Maria Venus which also plays a Sexy santa in the window display says, ” The Club decided to be festive this year.” She hopes to entertain a lot of walking passengers. The girls are out here in night gowns with red feathers and candy canes on display at the window. Some are even in cheeky underwear with their bare ass on the glass window. The strip club as well as the window display is located on West 37th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Check out the pics, they also caught some Asian women taking photos of the girls…

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(Video) Miley Cyrus And Patrick Schwarzenegger Makes It Rain At A Strip Club With Paris Hilton!


Miley Cyrus, her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger and Paris Hilton knows how to blow stacks and turn up. The couple 1st went to support Paris and her DJ’ing gig at Art Basel. Once that was wrapped they all hit up E11EVEN, which is a hot spot that’s part strip club and part burlesque. Miley was spotted twerking on her man and they dropped almost 10K alone at the strip club that night.
Watch the clip after the jump…

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NBA: Orlando Magic Player Accused Of Stealing From A Stripper


Maurice Hackless allegedly visited a San Fransisco strip club and stole a stripper’s cell phone. Hit the jump for details. Hit the jump for details.

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Say What?! Rapper Plies Allegedly Jumped At King Of Diamonds And Threatened Online!!


Plies was scheduled to make an appearance at King of Diamonds, one of Miami’s craziest and famous strip clubs. While he was there, allegedly a fight broke out and the rapper was jumped. Another Miami rapper by the name of So Certified, went on his Instagram to post pictures of Plies and even sent him threats. Certified claimed that Plies set up KOD to get robbed and that he had 24 hours to return the money or some consequences will be made. Maybe that was the reason why the alleged fight took place. Who knows? It is still unclear on who started the beef but you can read So Certified threats for yourself.
Pics in the gallery!

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