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(Warning: 18+ Video) Old Video Leaks Of Joseline Hernandez Stripping, Eating Box & More!!

Joseline at the club

Remember on the show when Joseline threatened to leave Steebie, and he said ‘yeah, leave me to go back to that life.’, or When Joseline said she built her current life, and Steebie said ‘I took you out of the club, and gave you all this’, Well this video shows exactly what he saved her from, and he’s right, she will NOT leave him to go back to this.

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MLB: Stripper Puts 2 Players On BLAST For Being Cheap

IFWT_Stripper calls out 1

Not every athlete is as generous as James Harden (lol).  Apparently a stripper thought she was going to hit the jackpot when 2 MLB players hit up the strip joint she worked at, but that’s not what happened — so she’s putting them on full blast — names and all.  She took to Twitter to share her experience with Royals pitchers Bruce Chen & Yordano Ventura. She even calls them “trashdicks.”  Huh?!  Lol, Yea.
Check out what she had to say…

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NBA: Paul George Hit With Paternity Suit By Ex-Stripper


What playoffs?!  Ouch.  Paul George is being sued by a former stripper after she gave birth to a baby girl she says is his daughter.
Hit the jump for details…

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(Video) LMFAO, Epic Memorial Day Fail: Girl Tries To Pole Dance In Vegas & Falls Flat On Her Head!


WELP, this sucks. A bunch of chicks took their talents over to Las Vegas to celebrate Memorial Day at a beach club when the unthinkable occurred. One of the ladies tried to do some tricks on the pole and she ended up falling flat on her head. OUCH! Peep the epic fail below. Hope she’s okay though!

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(Video) Man Sues Stripper For $2000 For WHAT?!


This Houston man took a page out of T-Pain’s book and fell in love with a stripper! He claims they had a full blown relationship, but she says he’s got it ALL WRONG!

“I don’t believe in loans because I don’t want to have to pay anybody back,” she says. “I’ve given him gifts too. How do I get my booty and b**** back? No refunds in a strip club. We ain’t got no layaway plays either.”

Check out the whole interview after the jump.

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Here We Go – The Thirst! Stripper Exposes Richard Sherman & Darrelle Revis

IFWT_Sherman Revis

When are these ballers going to learn?!  Geeeez-us.  It’s pretty much the same story, just different players.
A stripper that goes by the name of Sade (works Magic City in Atlanta) put NFL players Richard Sherman & Darrelle Revis on blast.  She took screenshots of them as they (separately) facetimed with her and posted it up on Instagram.  The captions she used with the pics destroyed them — making them look all extra thirsty. SMH. C’mon fellas, you gotta do better!!!
Check it out…

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(Photos) A Queens Stripper Is Suing Management Because Of WHAT!?!?


24-year-old Mettanie Tapia has recently filed a lawsuit against the management at her old spot, the Riviera Gentleman’s Club. She claims that she was forced to cough up some of her tips to the “house mom.” In addition to paying her dues to the house mom, she also claims that she was forced to pay fines whenever the management deemed things like her manicure or pedicure unacceptable. Those fines totaled up to $20. Hit the jump for more info.

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(PHOTO) NFL: Aaron Hernandez Is Not Going To Like This Leaked Picture of His Fiancée


Hopefully Aaron Hernandez doesn’t get internet access in prison because he’s not going to like this picture that surfaced of his fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins.  No one says she has to sit home and be sad about the situation her boo is in (and herself for that matter), but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to want to see her getting down & dirty with a stripper.  Hit the jump for details & pic…

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(Video) Dead Body Found Of Atlanta Stripper Angela ‘Climax’ Rabotte


The body of missing ATL woman named Angela Rabotte has been discovered in the woods in Norcross, Georgia after she went missing last Friday. The 26-year-old was a popular dancer who went by the name “Climax.” The suspect of interest is currently in custody. Her body was discovered by a survey crew at about 10:30 AM on Thursday morning. She was last seen last Thursday night when she dropped her daughter off so she could go to a party. Her baby father, Darnell Campbell, said “Don’t know what I’m going to tell my daughter. That’s is what just kills me because she wakes up every morning talking about her mommy.” He continued on to say, “She was just a great mother. She had a great spirit. She was a fighter, so I know she fought. She just didn’t have this coming to her.”

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(Check The Pics!) Caught On Tape: Miley Cyrus Takes OVER The Stripper Pole! Girl On Girl Action?!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus took over the strippers pole at the Babe Caberet in New Orleans on Monday night. Miley wasn’t content just to watch, joining a gang of the performers in a balcony over the main part of the club. See her and the ladies take over the pole below.

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