(PHOTO) NFL: Aaron Hernandez Is Not Going To Like This Leaked Picture of His Fiancée


Hopefully Aaron Hernandez doesn’t get internet access in prison because he’s not going to like this picture that surfaced of his fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins.  No one says she has to sit home and be sad about the situation her boo is in (and herself for that matter), but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to want to see her getting down & dirty with a stripper.  Hit the jump for details & pic…

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(Video) Dead Body Found Of Atlanta Stripper Angela ‘Climax’ Rabotte


The body of missing ATL woman named Angela Rabotte has been discovered in the woods in Norcross, Georgia after she went missing last Friday. The 26-year-old was a popular dancer who went by the name “Climax.” The suspect of interest is currently in custody. Her body was discovered by a survey crew at about 10:30 AM on Thursday morning. She was last seen last Thursday night when she dropped her daughter off so she could go to a party. Her baby father, Darnell Campbell, said “Don’t know what I’m going to tell my daughter. That’s is what just kills me because she wakes up every morning talking about her mommy.” He continued on to say, “She was just a great mother. She had a great spirit. She was a fighter, so I know she fought. She just didn’t have this coming to her.”

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(Check The Pics!) Caught On Tape: Miley Cyrus Takes OVER The Stripper Pole! Girl On Girl Action?!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus took over the strippers pole at the Babe Caberet in New Orleans on Monday night. Miley wasn’t content just to watch, joining a gang of the performers in a balcony over the main part of the club. See her and the ladies take over the pole below.

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(Mug Shot Photo) Oh Shoot! Popular Stripper Jhonni Blaze Arrested In Connection With Boyfriend’s Murder!

Jhonni Blaze arrested

Wow, I’m sure Keyshia Cole is somewhere smirking. Popular Houston stripper and self-proclaimed ‘Twerk Queen’ Jhonni Blaze has been arrested in connection with the murder of her boyfriend, Brian Washington, who was shot to death back in December.

Blaze, whose real name is Jzapal Jackson, reportedly fled to Atlanta late last month, as she knew she was wanted for questioning by homicide detectives. A warrant was immediately issued, and she was ultimately arrested on March 5th, charged with being a “Fugitive From Justice.” She’s being held at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, GA. Check out her mugshot in the gallery!

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(Check The Pics!) Jessica Alba Flashes Her Bra As She Takes On The Stripper Role!

IFWT_Jessica Alba

Jessica reveals a toned washboard stomach and dope bod! See her flicks below!

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(Photos) Caught On Camera: Kris Jenner Wears Stripper Heels For Pole Dancing Class …At 58-Years-Old

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner displayed her limber prowess during a pole-dancing class at Sheila Kelley’s F Factor on Friday with Kim, who shared this nice snap on Instagram. See the photos of the 58-year-old reality star below!

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Is This Daniel Gibson’s Response To Rumors He’s Cheating on Keyshia Cole With Stripper?!


I hate subliminal messages.  Just come out & say it if you have something to say.  Last week fans were talking about Keyshia Cole’s tweets suggesting that her hubby Daniel Gibson cheated on her with a Houston stripper.  Well it seems as though Boobie is responding in his own way.  He took to Twitter & Instagram with messages of his own.  Check it out…

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(Photos) NBA: Paul George’s Ex-Girlfriend Clowns Him For Knocking Up a Stripper


When news broke that Paul George allegedly got a stripper pregnant, everyone was shocked, some upset, some disgusted and some throughly amused.  Well George’s ex-girlfriend Jennyfer was all those things put together.

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(Photos) NBA: Paul George Says He NEVER Offered Money For Abortion, Ready To Be Father If The Baby Is His


Paul George is in full defense mode from a PR standpoint and he should be. After the story broke recently about him reportedly getting a stripper from Miami pregnant and then offering her $1 million to get an abortion, he responded today. The more crazy part about all this is he reportedly was dating NBA head coach Doc River’s daughter as well. I wonder how that Clippers vs Pacers game will be later this season. Anyway hit the jump to see what PG had to say and to see pics of “Daniela”.

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NBA: There’s More — Paul George Allegedly Got Stripper AND Doc Rivers Daughter Pregnant

IFWT_Paul george

Awww mannn.  IF this is true, this is so messy.  So yesterday we shared the story about Paul George allegedly getting a stripper pregnant and offering her $1 million to abort the baby.  Guess what?!  There’s a twist to the story.  We explained that he’s currently dating Clippers coach Doc Rivers’ daughter, Callie Rivers — and now it looks like she may be pregnant as well.  Yikes.  So I guess condoms just wasn’t an option?!
Check out the report after the jump and a couple tweets that make it seem like Callie’s pregnant (or a total coincidence)…

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