Boxing: Well Damn… Floyd Mayweather Paid How Much For the Strippers in His Twerk Video?!


Floyd Mayweather had his own version of #BreakTheInternet when he posted a video of several woman twerking for him in a private session.  As you probably already guessed, the woman are strippers and got paid for their services.  What you’re probably wondering is how much?

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NFL: Jerry Jones Being Sued; Woman Claims He Fondled Her Genitals, Forced Her To Touch His Penis & More


We heard a lawsuit could be headed towards Jerry Jones’ way & here it is.  Remember last month when photos surfaced of the  Cowboys owner who was caught in a compromising position with two strippers?!  Well the woman who claims she took the photos is now suing him for sexual assault.  Yikes.  Jones’ attorney has responded to the allegations.
Hit the jump for details…

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(Photos) NFL: Strippers Caught In Compromising Pics With Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Ready For Lawsuit


Seems like everything nowadays can result in a lawsuit, and these girls are well aware of that. The two strippers who were in leaked photos earlier this week with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in some interesting poses and positions have hired a lawyer out of fear that Jones may take legal action against them. A rumor started that the photos being leaked were part of an extortion plot, but the girls claim to have no idea about that and were just hanging out with Jones that night a few years ago. Hit the jump for more.

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(Photos) Celebs Spent How Much Millions On K.O.D. Strippers Memorial Weekend?!


Not that it hurt there pockets anyways! Celebrities had a ball in K.O.D. Miami, Strip Club this past Memorial Weekend, and spend 3.2 million dollars as a collective. Amongst be big spenders were Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Birdman, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tambi Hall, French Montana, Gillie Da Kid, and others. Check out the photos in the gallery, and hit the jump to see what the K.O.D. Club owner had to say.

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(Video) OK! T-Pain Admits That He’s Spent HOW MUCH MONEY In The Strip Club To The @Hot97AMShow?!?!?


T-Pain wasn’t lying when he said he was in love with a stripper. While being interviewed by Hot 97’s Morning Show crew, the Tallahassee rapper spoke on his habit of spending on dancers and also a few more unknown things. Check it out after the jump.

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NFL: Strippers, Threesomes & A Love Child? Fiancée of NY Giants Rookie Tells All & Leaks Texts!

IFWT_Odell 2

On Monday, the NY Giants signed 1st-round pick, WR Odell Beckham, to a rookie contract.  Well a day later his fiancée is airing out his dirty laundry.  I’m surprised that she did this kind of interview while she’s still engaged to him — you’d expect this kind of dirt if they were broken up.  Ahhh well, hopefully there’s a happy ending for the couple.  Check out what Erica Mendez revealed about the new Giant.

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(18+*Video) WSHH Presents “Strip” Ep. 1 A MUST See For Strip Club Fans!!!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

I mean this is a really good idea, and I could totally see this on HBO!!

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Men At Nursing Home Enjoyed Day Trip To Hooters, So Female Resident Requested A Stripper


…more questions, lol! The nursing home fiasco continues. After Franklin Youngblood found a picture of a stripper swinging his johnson in his mother’s face – at a nursing home – he wanted answers. Youngblood said, his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and advanced dementia was swindled. He wants East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to pay.
More information released says that some months back, the gentlemen of the home took a trip to Hooters, and enjoyed themselves. The ladies wanted their time – calling all male strippers! LMAO! Check down bottom for, “Black Caesar” as he explains why strippers inside a nursing home is no big deal.

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Uh, Okay! Nursing Home Being Sued For Inviting Strippers To Swindle Money From Residents!


Lol, so many questions! Franklin Youngblood filed a lawsuit last month, claiming that the East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Bablyon, NY invited a few males strippers into the facility for an, “entertainment event” who then swindled his 86-year-old mother out of some money. Hit the jump for more details on this.

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(PHOTOS) NFL: This Is How Strippers Say Goodbye To Mark Sanchez!

New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons

The NY/NJ strippers have always loved former Jets QB Mark Sanchez — even when he wasn’t doing so well.  He said his goodbyes earlier today & now the local strippers are saying goodbye in their own way — with photos rocking Sanchez’s jersey.  Enjoy…

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