(Video) Joey Badass Reportedly Sued $1.5 Million For Shoving Donald Trump Impersonator Off Stage

Back in the fall, Joey pushed a Donald Trump impersonator off stage and is now reportedly being hit with a $1.5 million lawsuit.

(Video) Tyga Now Being Sued For His Entourage Assaulting Someone

Screenshot TMZ Tyga loves court.

YG Reportedly Getting Sued For “Who Do You Love?” & “Bicken Back Being Bool”

YGVEVO Another day, another lawsuit! It’s YG’s turn to face the music, after a poet is claiming he owes him some dough.

Young Thug Being Sued By Hollywood Limo Company

Young Thug Youtube Thug is in some hot water these past few weeks. First it was being arrested for skipping a court date and now he’s being sued by a limo company for footing the bill!

Desiigner Sued For $500,000 For Crashing Rented Ferrari

Desiigner gets ripped a new one after ripping this rented Ferrari around Jersey and crashing it. Hope he saved all of that “Panda” money because if this is true he might have to pay a pretty penny.

T.I Sued For $390K For Bailing On High School Graduation Performance

T.I is in hot water once more after a high school is coming after him for bailing on performing at their graduation last summer.

A$AP Rocky Is Sued By His Landlord For Allegedly Damaging His NYC Apartment

ASAP Rocky is now being sued by his landlord after he left his NYC apartment a mess. Rocky informed the manager that he was going to be doing some alterations to the apartment but he promised to fix it once he left. Well apparently he didn’t hold up his end of the deal. The landlord says Rocky left in August leaving the apartment a hot filthy mess.

Ariana Grande And David Guetta Sued For Ripping Off “One Last Time”

Ariana Grande’s being sued, along with David Guetta, for allegedly ripping off someone else’s song to craft their hit single “One Last Time”.

Faith Evans Sued By Man Who Claims He Booked Her

Jeremy Hill claims that he booked Faith Evans at Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta on Sept. 10, 2016 and paid her $17,500. Once he found out Evans was going to be apart of the Bad Boys tour, he knew things were going to take a turn for the worse for him.

(Video) Chris Brown Sued By A Man Who Was Shot At His Party

Looks like Suge Knight is not the only one coming for Chris Brown after being shot while attending his party. Ginja Elms was shot while attending Brown’s 1 OAK party. Elms says the club was well aware of Chris Brown’s gang affiliation which is more of a reason why everyone should have been patted down regardless of who they were.

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