Sports: BMX Legend Dave Mirra Dead at 41 of an Apparent Suicide

IFWT_Dave Mirra

The sports world is mourning the loss of BMX legend Dave Mirra who has died in North Carolina. He was 41.

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NFL: Lawyer Claims Suicide Note Left By Lawrence Phillips Is Fake, Believes He Was Murdered In Prison


Lawrence Phillips was most likely going to spend the rest of his life behind bars after already being convicted of serious crimes and then being charged with the murder of his cell mate. He had steadily denied any involved in his cell mates death and even recently according to his lawyer and family he seemed to be in good spirits. So why would Phillips suddenly take his own life last week. Was if the fact he didn’t want to spend the rest of his years rotting away in prison? His lawyer and family were already calling b.s. on the report from the prison but now they are taking it further, saying the suicide note Phillips allegedly left behind is fake.

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NFL: Former Star Lawrence Phillips Found Dead in His Prison Cell


Former NFL star Lawrence Phillips was found dead in his prison cell and officials are investigating his death as a suicide.

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(Video) Robin Williams’ Widow Speaks Out On Her Husband’s Death


Comedian Robin Williams’ life came to a tragic end last August when he committed suicide. He left behind his children and his wife Susan. She recently appeared on Good Morning America where she opened up about her husband’s upsetting death for the first time on national TV.

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(Photo) Former “Yo Momma” Host, Samuel Sarpong Jr. Commits Suicide


We all remember MTV’s hit show “Yo Momma” where Samuel and Wilmer use to go around and find the champion of towns with the Yo Momma jokes! The show was a hit! Sadly, Samuel Sarong Jr, one of the host has committed suicide.

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Popular MTV Host Sam Sarpong Dies At Age 40


Sam Sarpong, model and former host of MTV’s Yo Momma, has died at the age of 40. It has been reported Sapong died Monday after jumping off a bridge in Pasadena, CA.

Monday afternoon, Pasadena law enforcement and fire officials responded to calls of a man on a bridge. According to police reports after confirming that the man was Sarpong family members were called to the scene “provided background regarding his emotional state.”

The police statement read, “Tragically, after approximately seven hours of communication, the male jumped from the bridge. He was pronounced deceased by Pasadena Fire Paramedics at 3:52 p.m.”

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(Photo) Soulja Boy Releases Apology For Suicidal Snapchat Post


After scaring all of his fans, and most likely his entire family, with a very suicidal message on snapchat Soulja Boy has released a public apology via Instagram. Although very short, the apology touches the fact that dealing with fame is sometimes nuisance and fans forget that their favorite celebrities are human.

Read his apology after the jump!

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(Video) Student Committed Suicide After Being Accused of Smelling Like Marijuana


An Ohio high school student reportedly committed suicide after being ‘verbally assaulted’ by his school administrators and a police officer for smelling like marijuana, according to an open letter which is gaining traction online. Hit the jump to see details.

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Jim Carrey’s GF Tried To Kill Herself Before


Just a few days ago, actor Jim Carrey’s girlfriend Cathriona White was found dead after committing suicide. However, news broke that this was not the first time she attempted to end her life.

Back in 2012, she tried to kill herself after her father’s death, according to LAPD. As for this time, sources close to White are claiming that she received an extremely hateful message from her biological mother that called her a “failure” along with other hurtful words.

When she killed herself, it also happened to be the third anniversary of her father’s death.

Such an absolute tragic situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with both Jim Carrey and Cathriona’s family.

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Pills Found At Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend House Under Jim’s Alias


Jim Carrey’s girlfriend has recently committed suicide by overdosing on drugs. Three pill bottles were next to her bed when she was found. The pills were prescribed to a fake person but authorities say the fictitious name is an alias for Jim Carrey. Hit the jump to read more

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