(Photos) NFL: Former Denver Bronco, Adrian Robinson, Death Ruled As Suicide


On Saturday, Adrian Robinson–a former Denver Bronco linebacker–was pronounced dead at the age of 25. It is always unfortunate to hear of someone so young dying but even more so in this particular case because his death was ruled a suicide by asphyxia (hanging). Click more to read the full story!

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(Photos) 12 Year Old Girl Committed Suicide After Being Bullied By Her Math Teacher

_12 Year Old Girl Committed Suicide After Being Bullied By Math Teacher

A new lawsuit claims that a young 12 year old girl committed suicide after she was being bullied by her math teacher. Check out the photos in the gallery and read more on the sad story after the jump!

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(Warning: Graphic Video) Shocking Footage Of Philadelphia Suicide


A Philadelphia suicide was caught on camera today. Unfortunately, the man could not be stopped before he jumped from the top of a sky scraper. The sound of him hitting the ground is gut-wrenching. Warning, this is a graphic video!

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(Photos) Man Killed Girlfriend & Her Children Then Sent Pictures Of Bodies To Their Biological Dad!

_Man Killed Girlfriend & Her Children Then Sent Pictures Of Bodies To Their Biological Dad

A man killed his girlfriend and her three young children and then he sent pictures of their dead bodies to their biological dad ‘as a birthday gift’ before he committed suicide. Check out the photos in the gallery and read more on the crazy story after the jump!

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Co-Star From “Everybody Loves Raymond” Found Dead After Committing Suicide


19-year-old Sawyer Sweeten, the boy who played one of the twins on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, took his own life on Thursday morning. His sister Madilyn Sweeten, who also played his sister on the show, wrote a post confirming the tragedy by saying, “This morning a terrible family tragedy occurred. We are devastated to report that our beloved brother, son, and friend took his own life.” She then went on to write, “At this time I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to the ones you love. Let them have no doubt of what they mean to you.”

If you watched the show, which was on from 1996-2005, Sawyer played Geoffrey Barone– the cute little blonde twin. Any suicide is sad but it’s always tragic when someone in the entertainment business takes their own life for no apparent reason leaving behind their whole family. Sawyer was only a few weeks away from his 20th birthday. May he rest in peace!

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(Photos) 21 Year Old Woman Hangs Herself From A Brooklyn Fire Escape!

_21 Year Old Woman Hangs Herself From A Brooklyn Fire Escape

A 21 year old woman committed suicide by hanging herself from a fire escape in Brooklyn. Read more on the story and check out the photos from the scene of the incident in the gallery after the jump!

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Courtney Love Speaks Out On Kurt Cobain’s Suicide & The Sexual Aspect Of Their Relationship


It has been 21 years since Nirvana’s leading man Kurt Cobain ended his life, but his wife and daughter still mourn daily. A tell-all documentary entitled “Montage of Heck” is hitting a TV screen on May 4th, showing the trials and tribulations of Cobain’s troubled life. In a recent sit-down interview with V Magazine, his wife Courtney Love spoke out about her feelings regarding the movie, his suicide, her current relationship status and their past sex life.

“Seeing Montage of Heck f*cked me up. I remembered the sexual relationship, which, as you know, is the core of any good marriage,” Courtney explained. “It almost rendered other intimacies meaningless. I don’t have a boyfriend right now, so I’m single. [The film] made me really evaluate what, at the age of 50, I want out of a relationship. He’s a hard act to follow. I love him and I always will.”

RIP, Kurt Cobain. One of the greatest musicians of all time!

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(Photos) Hip Hop Legend Scarface Talks Suicide In His Upcoming Memoir

Upcoming Scarface Memoir

Everybody might not want the truth but some say everybody needs it. From shoot outs in Southern streets to selling millions of records with The Geto Boys, a successful solo career and moves as an industry executive, this Hall of Famer has gems for the people. Check out the details and an excerpt as Hip Hop Legend Scarface Talks Suicide In His Upcoming Memoir “Diary of A Madman” hitting the streets April 21!

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Heartbreaking “Montage Of Heck” Kurt Cobain Documentary To Be Released [Trailer]


Kurt Cobain was, to this day, one of the most groundbreaking musical artists in our time to release such classic tunes. Although he tragically took his life back in April of 1994, his legacy lives on forever. To honor his life, a documentary entitled “Cobain: Montage of Heck” will be released soon. Before the HBO documentary hits the TV screen on May 4th , a trailer has been released and it is completely HEARTBREAKING. The film is also rumored to have a 12-minute unheard acoustic Kurt Cobain song in it.

Although I am the biggest hip-hop head ever, Nirvana is one of my favorite bands so this documentary is a must-see. Take a look at the super sad trailer below and get your tissue boxes ready. #RIPKURTCOBAIN

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(Video) Man Saves Girl From Committing Suicide On Train Tracks


New Yorker Saves Girl From Committing Suicide On Train Tracks. Suicide is never an option but that doesn’t resonate well with some people who are actually going through something very deep that they feel like there’s no hope but death. I’m sure this was what the woman in the video below was feeling and going through, until a stranger went on the tracks and managed to get her out.

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