Sports: Cause of Death Revealed for Former Heisman Trophy Winner Rashaan Salaam

Rashaan Salaam, the former Heisman Trophy winner was found dead at a park near the University of Colorado on Dec. 5.  Signs pointed to suicide, but officials would not release the cause of death until their investigation was complete.  Now we have the results.

(Video) What Was He Thinking??: Guy Lights Up Suicide Firecracker Vest

Should I say wtf or lmao…people are so bored nowadays there just tryna blow themselves up for fun I guess!

(Video) 11-Year-Old Brain Cancer Survivor Killed Herself Over Bullying

11-year-old Bethany Thompson, was from Cable, Ohio. Thompson recently killed herself after being a brain cancer survivor. She had been cancer free since 2008. Thompson suffered nerve damage from treatment that resulted in a crooked smile. According to Wendy Feucht, Thompson’s mother, she was getting picked on because of her smile.

(Photos) Boxing: Adrien Broner Posts Suicide Note & Picture of a Gun; Friends Call Police

Something has been going on with Adrien Broner for a while now.  The boxer previously said “f–k everybody” and posted he was retiring and today he posted a suicide note.

Vic Mensa Speaks On Suicidal Thoughts Upon Using Acid

Vic Mensa has now openly spoke on trying acid while in the studio. Mensa says he almost killed himself. This was at the time when both his popularity and drug use were on a rise.

Man Commits Suicide To Avoid Jail Time

An American man was on trial in Taiwan for marijuana possession, and once he received his four-year sentence….he took his own life.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder CoOwner Did Not Commit Suicide According To Police

Although Aubrey McClendon ran smack dab into a brick wall in the form of a bridge at 9am just one day after being indicted for conspiracy, police believe that the OKC part owner did not intentionally kill himself.

(Video) Suicidal Man Throws Himself Into The Lion Cage At The Zoo To Be Eaten Alive

When people usually go to the zoo they usually go to see all of the exotic animals like lions, tigers and bears but one man did the unthinkable when he went to visit a zoo in Chile. 20-year-old Franco Ferrada attempted to commit suicide by letting the lions in the zoo eat him alive. Read the rest of this story after the jump.

Audio: Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kim Mathers Admits October Car Accident Was A Suicide Attempt

Last fall, Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim Mathers, was involved in an alleged drunk driving accident where her Cadillac Escalade flipped over. She survived with a few injuries, and when her case had been sealed later in court, many felt that she was getting preferential treatment from the court. Turns out, they did it to cover medical information related to what really was a suicide attempt. Calling into Detroit radio show “Mojo In The Morning” today, Kim revealed that she specifically chose a road where no one else would get hurt, ingested pills and alcohol before she “hit the gas and aimed for a pole.” She adds that she’s getting help now, and Eminem has been helping her throughout the entire ordeal. Listen to a clip from the interview below. Glad she’s doing better!

The U.S. Suicide Rate Climbs 24% In 15 Years

The National Center For Health Statistics have released a new report about the suicide rate in the U.S. The reports show that the suicide rate has climbed 24 percent between the years 1999 and 20014. More on the story after the jump.

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