NBA: Steve Nash Officially Announces Retirement From The NBA


Steve Nash announced his retirement from the NBA today in an unusual way. Rather than a big press conference or trying to get back on the court for a farewell tour, Nash chose to write about his own retirement, via Derek Jeter’s website “The Players Tribune”. Nash with the Lakers never really worked out due to constant injuries, but nobody should forget how amazing of a player Nash was in his prime and the MVP trophies he has to back it up. He never won a title but his career is destined to end up in the Hall of Fame without question.

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(Video) NBA: OMG! JR Smith Destroys Brandon Knight’s Ankles Something Terrible!


Poor Brandon Knight, how can you not feel bad for this guy? He has been on the wrong end of way too many posterizing type plays in his career. DeAndre Jordan dunked all over him, Kyrie embarrassed him among others and now JR Smith just made him look up at the ceiling after putting him flat on his back! To top it off, JR hit an open Kevin Love for the three pointer to complete the play. One of these days, a highlight play will finally go Knight’s way.

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(Video) NBA: Fans Go Crazy In Phoenix For JR Smith


The Cavaliers are set to face the Suns tonight, and after yesterday’s practice fans went HAM for JR Smith as he made his way to the team bus. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Shaquille O’Neal Stands Ground And Fights Back In Instagram Lawsuit!


The former NBA player is being sued over allegations he cruelly mocked a man with a rare genetic disorder on Instagram. Jahmel Binion, the man behind the Instagram photo, is suing for defamation and a number of other factors. Shaq has created some legal docs of his own, fighting back! Hit the jump for more details on this case…

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NBA: The Deal Has Been Sealed, Eric Bledsoe Agrees To $70 Million Contract


Eric Bledsoe has managed to seal the deal with team, Phoenix Suns. The Suns had formerly been discussing trade offers for Eric Bledsoe. After much holding out as a free agent, Bledsoe has scored a five-year $70 million contract. Jump on the link below for more info…

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NBA: Report, Phoenix Suns Trying To Ruin Kevin Love Trade To Cavs With Their Own Offer


The proposed trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves that would send Kevin Love to the Cavs in exchange for Andrew Wiggins & others can be completed tomorrow. With time running out the Phoenix Suns are trying to throw a late offer to make the Wolves think twice as they are trying to trade Eric Bledsoe for Love. Now Andrew Wiggins for Love sounds much better and most people are aware of that but the Suns are trying to add other pieces to it as well. Hit the jump.

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Sports: LOL, Eric Bledsoe Shuts Down Twitter Troll After Saying He’s The Worst Player In NBA

IFWT_Bledsoe 1

LMAO, Eric Bledsoe is not playing with fans out here.  There’s always going to be haters, but this response he gave one fan super early this morning is classic.  Game over.  Check it out…

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(Video) NBA: P.J. Tucker Ejected For Blow To Blake Griffin

IFWT_Blake PJ  4

It got a lil crazy towards the end of the Suns/Clippers game last night. P.J. Tucker was ejected after delivering a blow to Blake Griffin. Griffin was PISSED. Check out what happened…

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(Video & Pics) NBA: Nick Young Ejected For Throwing Punch; Calls Out Lakers Teammates After!

IFWT_Nick young fight  7

Yikes, it got ugly last night at the Lakers game & after the game. Nick Young was ejected for punching Goran Dragic & pushing Alex Len after a hard foul during the Lakers/Suns game. Afterwards, Swaggy P was upset that his teammates didn’t come to his aid during the scuffle — which I have to agree with.
Check out what happened & what he exactly said after the jump….

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NBA Storytime: Damn! Shaq Once Choked Out & Put A Suns Teammate To Sleep

IFWT_Shaq Suns  2

Say uncle! Lol, I wonder how many times Shaq has done this — just for fun?!  This is pretty funny.  I’m sure there’s all kinds of stories similar to this when it comes to Shaq.  Grant Hill was reminiscing about having Shaq as a teammate on the Suns & had a great story to tell.  Check it out…

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