(Video) Judge Lets A Man Off After His “Mad Lights” Defense

This judge was super lenient to one man who had a quite interesting defense. While in court for what appeared to be a traffic violation, a man says “there were mad lights.” The judge had the lights shut off as he showed video of the man running a light. That was the man’s reasoning, “mad lights.”

NBA: Someone Paid Almost $100,000 To Sit Courtside For Game Seven Of The NBA Finals

Anyone who is a big fan of basketball wishes they could be in attendance for game seven of an NBA Finals series. The drama and the atmosphere would be worth the price of the ticket alone and there is at least one fan out there who thinks that price is worth the same as a small home. Someone dropped $99,000 on two tickets for the finale between the Cavs and Warriors.

(Photo + Video) Kids Surprise Their Mother With VIP Beyonce Tickets

One mom was in complete shock as her kids surprised her with Beyonce tickets. What a hell of a surprise first off. These weren’t just regular tickets. They were VIP tickets at that. This mom just has to give her children an award for this one!

NFL: More Than $40,000 Worth Of Super Bowl Tickets Reportedly Stolen From San Francisco Hotel

There are reports that on Friday, four men walked into a hotel conference room in San Francisco and walked out with over $40,000 worth of tickets to the big game.

Sports: Ticket Prices Plummet For Women’s US Open Final After Serena Williams Lost In Semi-Final

This really should come as no surprise to anyone since Serena Williams is the biggest draw in the sport by far! After her shocking, upset loss to Roberta Vinci in the semi finals of the US Open yesterday, it appears the interest of the fans went with her as prices for the final have plummeted.

Sports: Report, Young Money & Lil Wayne’s Manager Sued Over Wayne Not Paying For Sports Tickets

Lil Wayne is constantly seen at big athletic events. Whether it’s a Floyd Mayweather fight, an NBA playoff game, The Super Bowl, you name it and he is usually there. Depending on who you ask however, he may not have paid for any of those tickets and his company is now being sued because of it.

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Trolls Cops Who Threaten to Ticket or Impound His Bugatti

Floyd Mayweather was in L.A. this past weekend for the BET awards and was rolling down Hollywood Blvd with a huge entourage of expensive cars.  The excursion almost got Mayweather fined by the police but the highest paid athlete certainly couldn’t have cared less.

(Photos) Boxing: Here’s What Real #MayPac Tickets Look Like & How Much They Cost!

Everyone wants to get their hands on Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao tickets but it was understood it would cost quite a grip to get them.  Tickets finally became available a little more than a week before the fight which is highly unusual and occurred due to contract issues.  The short time didn’t stop people from scrambling to get them and as expected they’re very expensive.  Here’s a first look at what the tickets look like and the cost vis StubHub.

Boxing: Tickets Finally Go On Sale For Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight, Sell Out In 60 Seconds

All you hear is the blame game between Mayweather and Pacquiao’s camps as to why tickets for the biggest fight in history still hadn’t gone on sale. They eventually cut the b.s. and tickets went on sale to the public yesterday but there was a HUGE catch. It was initially reported that only 1,000 tickets would be available for purchase but by the time yesterday came around that number had been cut in half to only 500! Tickets went on sale at 3pm yesterday and obviously you had to be quick because they were gone fast, even the expensive seats!

(Photos) Boxing: How Much Will You Pay For Mayweather V.S. Pacquiao?

Its real now! Officially. Contracts have been signed and ticket amounts have been agreed on by all involved parties. The general public will be able to purchase tickets today at 3PM on ticket master.

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