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(Check The Pics) Azealia Banks Is Now Without A Label!


Whether she’s going indie with Dame, or headed to another label, Azealia Banks is finally off of Universal Records, worked out for everyone!

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(Photos) Together Again? T.I. & Tiny Attend BET Awards As A Couple…But Walked The Carpet Separately

TI and Tiny at the 2014 BET Awards

The marital trouble that T.I. and Tiny have been having over the last few months is no secret, but it seems as though the power couple may have been able to put it behind them and are on the road to recovery! This past Sunday, they attended the 2014 BET Awards together, and though they walked the carpet separately (the above image is Photoshop,) they did sit together inside and happily posed for photos. Tiny even made sure to avoid Mayweather all together on the red carpet, out of respect for her man. I hope these two can work it out!

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(Video) Boxing: He’s At It Again! 50 Cent Gets At Floyd Mayweather After Tiny Curves Him


Fif took to Instagram late last night after he saw the video of Tiny curving Floyd Mayweather on the red carpet at the BET awards (see HERE if you missed it).  Gotta love these videos of 50 Cent & his advice.  Check it out..

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(Caught On Tape!) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Tries To Confront Tiny on BET Awards Red Carpet

IFWT_Floyd BET awards  7

It was almost a drama free night at the BET Music Awards last night.  Fans were surprised to see T.I. and Tiny hugged up at the awards show with Mayweather and his boo Bad Medina just a few rows away.  Nothing happened — even with Chris Rock who hosted the show — kept making jokes about their situation. Well it looks like something did happen … before the show.  Mayweather tried to confront Tiny on the red carpet and it was caught on tape.
Check it out…

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(Photos) Too Little, Too Late: Azealia Banks Waves The White Flag In T.I. Beef

Azealia Banks vs T.I.

Azealia Banks and T.I. began their beef over 2 years ago, when the obnoxiously outspoken Banks came at Tip on Twitter over his artist Iggy Azalea. Fast forward to now, and being even less relevant than she was then, Banks decided she needed a new Twitter beef, so she came at Tip once again, this time over his estranged wife, Tiny. A Twitter war ensued with Banks catching the heat for it all (as she was the protagonist and deserves all hate in this instance!), and now she’s waving the white flag because she can’t take what she dished out. Sucks to be you, sis!

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Oh Damn! T.I. Comes For Azealia Banks In The Worst Way!


Well I’ll be…after Azealia Banks threw shots at Tiny using T.I.’s new track title, “No Mediocre,” Tiny had a casual clap back.

Let’s just say that T.I.’s demeanor isn’t as laid back as his wife’s. Despite all of the ‘break-up‘ rumors, no one comes for Tip’s family. The trouble man threatens Banks’ life with a, “people fall down stairs daily” and calls her out many names, including a, “thot-bot.” It just got real ladies and gentlemen.

Check the gallery for more jabs.

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Azealia Banks Throws Jabs At T.I. & Tiny – Tiny Responds!


If you don’t know her for anything else, Azealia Banks is known for being in the middle of some s**t talking. This go ’round after listening to T.I.’s Iggy Azalea assisted track, “No Mediocre” Banks throws extreme shade at the grand hustle homie and his wife, Tiny.

“You want no mediocre…but have you seen your wife,” Banks tweeted (and then deleted). Well, Tiny is not having it as she claps back with a meme of her own. Check it out in the gallery!

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(PHOTO) Sports: Tiny Says She Didn’t Release A Statement To Blogs About T.I./Mayweather Fight

IFWT_Tiny TI Mayweather

After the news broke that Floyd Mayweather & T.I. got into a brawl over Tiny, Floyd spoke to Necole Bitchie to set the record straight and T.I. took to Instagram with a video showing he did NOT have 2 black eyes.
Now here’s where some confusion comes in.  Tiny took to Instagram last night to say she didn’t talk to any blogs about the altercation — I wonder if she did that because of Stephen A Smith going in on her?!?!  As far as I’ve seen, no blog is saying that they’ve talked to her.  The comments we got from her came from another website that got screenshots of Tiny talking about T.I. — on her own Instagram account (you can see those here).
Ahhh well, can we all move on now?!  Check out what she posted…

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Funny Memes Emerge After News Breaks About Floyd Mayweather & T.I. Fight Over Tiny

IFWT_TI Floyd Memes 1

Damn, some of you are really going in on Tiny — Brutal!!  As you can expect, some great memes were created after fans found out about Floyd Mayweather & T.I. getting into it over Tiny.  Check it out….

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(Photos) Sports: Tiny Addresses Floyd Mayweather Fight & Says T.I Is Always With Other Women!


Floyd Mayweather set the record straight on what caused the altercation between him and T.I.  While Tip continues to remain quiet, his wife Tiny, the center of the incident spoke out.

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