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T.I. Jumping Into The Superhero Game With Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Movie!!!


This is a dope opportunity for T.I., something that could take him to next level as an actor, and better yet, with Marvel, a possible recurring role, depending on what role he gets!

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(PHOTO) NFL: Warren Sapp Under Fire After Leaving $0 Tip & Message on Bill at Restaurant; Sapp Responds


Hmmmm, I wondered what happened here?!  Warren Sapp is going to have to speak on this now that a copy of the receipt has gone viral.  Apparently he stiffed a waitress on a $69 bill in a Florida restaurant & even left a snide comment on the receipt.  Sapp isn’t shy, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing from him soon.
Check it out…

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(Video) T.I. Answers Fan Questions On New Album, Working With Lady Gaga, Idols, & More!

T.I. answers fan tweets

VH1 recently caught up with T.I., getting him to take a look at what fans were buzzing about on Twitter. Tip addressed his new album, confirmed whether or not he would be working with Lady Gaga, and answered wacky questions, including if he liked cats. *PAUSE* To check out the interview, click below.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Damian Lillard Shares Pic That Goes Viral, Then Gets Mad When Fans Think It’s His


Over the weekend Blazers guard Damian Lillard shared a photo that went viral.  It was a picture of a restaurant receipt where the service was apparently so bad that the person left a negative tip and took money off their bill.  Everyone thought it was Damian’s receipt because he shared it and all his caption said was, “Have a good day lmaooo.”
Well it ends up that it was NOT his and he’s mad that fans actually thought it was.  C’mon Damian, you gotta be SUPER clear when you post up things like that.  Some fans don’t know any better.  Check it out…

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Wow, Dr. Dre Left HOW Much Of A Tip For His Waitress?!

Dr. Dre

Now that he’s a billionaire and all, it’s nothing to Beats By Dre mogul Dr. Dre to leave whatever kind of tip he wants. While out last week partying at the Skybar in West Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel, the doc left around 2am and dropped a whopping $5,000 on his waitress’ tip!

Earlier in the night, he was spotted copping an expensive Mac & Lou bracelet for his wife, Nicole Threatt. Must be nice to be D-R-E!

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[PHOTOS] Extreme Dehydration: T.I. Hoses Thirsty Fan Down And Accuses Her Of ‘Thotchery’?


Now you know it’s two things you don’t mess with when it comes to ATL rapper, TI. His family and his ‘hustle’. Anyone on social media knows TI,
AKA ‘Trouble Man’ is quick to come for blood when disrespecting his clan. He definitely didn’t disappoint when he was quick to check a thirsty fan, spewing lusty nothings about him on his daughter’s timeline… C’mon sons? Have you no shame people….

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Rihanna To Star As Voice Over In Upcoming Animated Film, Home


Upcoming DreamWorks Animation film, Home story lines a group of aliens that escape their enemies by hiding out on Earth, and Rihanna will play one of the character’s voice over. Check after the jump for more of the deets.

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(Photos) Chick Claims T.I. Is Smashing Her Friend & Tiny Goes All The Way OFF!

Tiny x T.I. "Family Hustle"

There have been tons of stories circulating recently insinuating that T.I. and Tiny are going through it, especially after the “What You Know” artist G checked his wife for showing off her cake on Instagram. However, the “Family Hustle” power couple claim that everything is all good back on the home front. A random IG user came on Tiny’s page claiming that one of her friends is smashing down T.I. raw dog. It took only a matter of minutes before Tameka turned all the way up on ol’ girl and crushed her life to smithereens. Even Tip joined in on the messy drama! Peep game in the gallery.

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(Photos) T.I. Puts Tiny On Blast & Tells Her To Stop Showing Off Her Booty On Instagram!

T.I. & Tiny

C’mon now, what’s love without a little jealousy? Despite the recent rumors of there being some marital issues on the home front, “Family Hustle” couple T.I. and Tiny seem to be working out their problems and are nowhere near a divorce. However, the Hustle Gang exec did have a few words for his wife about flaunting her ASSets all over social media. Take a trip to the gallery and see what Tip had to say to his ride or die chick!

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(Video) Waitress Receives Huge Miracle Tip!


Khadijah Muhhamed, a Tennessee waitress received the biggest tip of her life to which she is dubbing a miracle in her time of need! Muhammed was shocked after what she thought would be a bad tip on a low check, turned out to be an extra thousand for her great; hit the jump for the clip!

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