NBA: Stephen Jackson Blames Tony Parker For Being Selfish & Costing Spurs 2012 Playoff Loss

Stephen Jackson has never been one to hold his tongue but he’s been extra chatty lately as he prepares for an NBA comeback.  This time he’s spilling the beans on former teammate Tony Parker whom he played with on the San Antonio Spurs from 2001-03, then came back during the 2011-12 season.  They won a championship in 2003, and tried again in 2012 but fell short.  Jackson says the reason they lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals after being up 2-0, is because of Parker.

NBA: LOL Tony Parker Says Popovich Isn’t Resting Boris Diaw Because He Wants Him to Lose Weight

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is known for resting his top players even during big games and to the dismay of the league and fans.  One player that isn’t getting much rest is Boris Diaw.  Tony Parker had a funny explanation as to why.

(Video) NBA: Tony Parker & Other NBA Players Have To Face A Tiger During Strange Game Show

Tony Parker and some of his fellow French NBA players participated in a bizarre game show that left Parker coming face to face with a Tiger. I’m sure the Spurs organization was holding their breath during the taping.

NBA: Tim Duncan Has First Ever Career Game Without a Made Field Goal, Spurs Still Win by 11

Tim Duncan will go down as one of the greatest if not THE greatest power forward to ever play in the NBA but even he is entitled to a bad game, especially since he’s on the latter end of his career.  Before Sunday, Tim Duncan‘s 17-year NBA career had consisted of 1,310 regular-season games and 234 playoff games. On Sunday, in a 116-105 win over the Bulls, something happened that has never happened once in any of those 1,544 previous games: Duncan did not make a shot.

NBA: Tony Parker Signs Three-Year Extension With San Antonio Spurs Then Gets Married One Day Later

Tony Parker said “I do” twice in one weekend making two long-term commitments.

NBA: Tony Parker Reveals What Tim Duncan Did To Him as a Rookie

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker’s chemistry is great now, but it took a bit for the two stars to click.  Check out what Tony said about their relationship early on…

NBA: Tony Parker Announces His Plans For Retirement

Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker have the most wins as a trio in NBA history but we know it’ll have to come to an end soon.  Ginobli is often injured and Duncan though still productive is getting up there in age.  Parker the youngest of the trio is also looking towards the end and he has a set plan.

(Video) NBA: Just Terrible! Tony Parker Shoots The WORST Free Throw Ever!

If anyone missed the Spurs vs Bulls game earlier this week you didn’t miss much. It was a boring game but it did provide one of the biggest low-lights of the season when Tony Parker embarrassed himself at the free throw line. Hit the jump.

(Photo) NBA: Is Tony Parker In Trouble For Making This Gesture??

I personally was never aware of this gesture until today, but it seems Tony Parker is in some hot water because of it. While posing with a french comedian who is known to be anti-semitic , Parker made a hand gesture referred to as “Quenelle” or a reverse Nazi symbol. Apparently it is not the first time he has been caught making the gesture, which his home country of France has identified as being anti-semitic as well. Numerous Jewish rights groups are demanding an apology. So far no word from him yet. Hit the jump to see the pic and decide yourself.

NBA: Tony Parker Wants to Play 20 Years For the San Antonio Spurs

He’s more than halfway there, and Spurs point guard doesn’t see why he can’t become the first player to have a 20-year career in San Antonio.

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