(Video) Funk Flex Gives His Real Opinion About NASCAR

Funk Fliggity was at NASCAR’s Daytona 500 yesterday(Congrats Joey Longano on Winning), and it seems he ran into USA Today while he was there, they got the scoop on a few things from Flex, including his(and a real) opinion. I tell you what, somebody might be tight when they read it!

(Video) LOL: Busta Rhymes Stars In Toyota Commercial For The ‘Swagger Wagon’!

Busta Bust has been the latest Hip Hop artist to hit the commercial screen! He is doing it in style with Toyota, a rapping family and their inspiration is the ‘Swagger Wagon’. Watch as the crew gets some help with their flow from Busta Rhymes, while promoting the latest fashion mobile.

(Video) NFL: The Muppets & Terry Crews’ Super Bowl Ad

The Muppets and comedian Terry Crews linked up for a hilarious Toyota commercial that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. Check it out below!

Auto: Toyota Tells Dealers To Stop Selling 6 Models

Toyota has told North American dealers to stop selling six popular models with heated seats because the fabric doesn’t comply with U.S. safety codes and potentially could catch fire. The order affects 36,000 cars, trucks and minivans, about 13 percent of the inventory on dealer lots in the U.S., spokesman John Hanson said. Also affected are additional vehicles in Canada, Mexico, Korea, Israel and other countries, but no total number was available. Read more below!

OMG! Toyota is Taking Risks with Future Designs with its New FT-1 Concept

Toyota, the company that brings you the less than exciting Camry and Prius, has promised to take risks with its future designs, starting with the FT-1 concept. The name says it all. FT-1 stands for “Future Toyota,” and the number “1” represents the ultimate. We really don’t understand what this all means, but what we do know is that the FT-1 is one sexy and curvaceous ride. This car says…We Want to Drive This NOW!

Toyota Loses Lawsuit And Is Ordered To Pay HOW Many Millions?!?!

Well if you think you’re having financial issues today think again, someone’s got you beat! Toyota Motor Corp has been ordered by an Oklahoma jury to pay millions to victims in reparations, due to an unintentional acceleration defect in some its Camry models, hit the jump for more!

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