(Video) Woman Goes Off On A Lady For Leaning On Her While On A Train

Okay, so we all know the trains in NYC are super over populated. Sometimes its comfortable while other times we have to deal with being squished by people we don’t even know. Its NYC, deal with it or move. One woman was not trying to hear any of this as she went all the way off on another lady for falling asleep and leaning on her.

(Video) Guy Gets Knocked Out For Trying To Run A Train On A Guys Daughter

This father is not here for the BS. In a video, we see a man knocking a young boy out for reportedly trying to run a train on his daughter! We can hear the man tell the boy “You F*cked My Daughter”

(Video) Women Killed After Being Pushed In Front Of A Train In Times Square

A women was pushed to her death as she was ran over by a moving train. This honestly scared me because I go to Times Square a lot. A woman wearing a pink shirt and scarf shoved the woman into the train at about 1:20pm. The woman who was believed to have pushed her is now in police custody.

(Video) Man Follows A Young Lady Onto A Train And Begins To Masturbate In Front Of Her

Jerrica Daniels was riding the Metro Gold Line when she witnessed a man masturbating in front of her. She says the man followed her onto the train and sat down next to her. Daniels pretended to not even see the man and took out her phone to record.

(Video) SMH: Man Jumps Off Of Moving Train!

Sometimes people do the craziest things and it ends up being funny. But certain things just end up being dangerous and almost fatal, hit the jump to see this man come close to death by hopping off of a moving train!

(Video) Graphic Content: Woman Fatally Stabbed On A Chicago Train

This video is truly sad. A woman is fatally stabbed on a Chicago train. You can see the woman’s body laying in a pool of blood on the train. People gather around to capture pictures on their phones. Really sad.

(Video) WHOA: A Train Commute Gets Really Raunchy

Im sure the last thing anyone would be thinking about doing on a train ride is getting a lap dance while making it to their destination. In a recent video, we see a man getting a lap dance by another passenger. He actually looks like he’s enjoying it…ALOT!

(Video) Man Stabbed At 125th Subway Station

Train Stabbing’s have been so prevalent recently, with the latest happening in Harlem, NY. A man was stabbed over a dispute over a seat on Saturday afternoon. The two men were riding a northbound 4 train when the victim aged 34 punched the suspect, aged 57.

(Photos) High Speed Train Derails In France, Killing At Least 10

France is being hit from all angles this weekend..SMH.. After trying to recover from yesterdays attacks, they will now have to focus on the high speed train that just derailed a few hours ago leaving atleast 10 people dead and many injured.

Hero Brother Dies Rescuing Younger Sibling In Horrific Train Accident

London man, Nicholas Mann sacrificed his well being to save his younger brother from what seemed to be his inevitable fate. Read the heroic story after the jump.

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