A women was pushed to her death as she was ran over by a moving train. This honestly scared me because I go to Times Square a lot. A woman wearing a pink shirt and scarf shoved the woman into the train at about 1:20pm. The woman who was believed to have pushed her is now in police custody.

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A witness to the murder says,

“When I first arrived the train was out of service. And the NYPD and FDNY were evacuating people from the 2 train,”

She went on to say,

“About 5 minutes ago 20 police officers escorted her out. She was… in mid twenties, her head was up — kinda proud of what she did,”

I cant even imagine being a witness to this sort of crime. I’m not sure what I would do if I saw a woman push another woman to her death in front of my eyes. Apparently the two women were seen arguing before the push. I’m just not sure what would drive someone to get that angry to the point where they have to do that.

My heart goes out to the life taken today and her family. Such a tragic incident.

Source: NYPost