Victims Of Dark Knight Shooting To Split $5 Million In Donations

Though this will never bring back families’ loved ones, or erase the images out of the minds of survivors, there is some good news today for the Aurora, Colorado shooting victims. The families of the 12 people killed, along with those who suffered the most severe injuries in the attack, will get to split almost $5 million in donations raised after the July incident! The injury eligibility was based on how severe the damage was, ruling out those who were not hospitalized overnight and those that only site “severe stress” from the shooting. And the more severe the injury, the more they will be receiving. This is in no way to downplay anyone else’s issues stemming from that fateful night but with only a few million to go around, they do have to be fair. Aside from the 12 people killed, 58 people were wounded and tons more (likely all) with mental trauma. Hopefully more money will be available to them soon. Marisa Mendez

Let The Mud-Slinging Begin! Romney Pulls Old Video Of Obama Out

The Presidential Election must be right around the corner! There hasn’t been unbelievable mud-slinging yet but some mud-slinging is bound to happen. With videos of Mitt Romney being released from private fundraisers where he is basically puts his foot in his mouth, new video of President Obama has emerged saying he believes in government “redistribution” from 2008. With this video, Romney is trying to defend his comment of calling Americans “victims.” Click below to read more. Jason J.

(Photos) MLB/NBA: Bo Jackson, Ken Griffey Jr. & Scottie Pippin Bike To Help Victims

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson, former Major League Baseball star Ken Griffey Jr. and NBA standout Scottie Pippin have started their five-day, 300-mile ride across Alabama to raise money for tornado relief in the state.

UN To Help Pakistan Flood Victims

The United Nations has announced that they will be helping victims of the Pakistan flood. The flooding has left 200,000 people homeless. The floods began in August after monsoon rains hit Pakistan. Read more after the jump. @Julie1205

(Video) 50 Cent Performs In Norway

50 Cent performed in Norway for the survivors of the vicious July 22nd attack that left 77 people dead.  50, who was in town for a different music festival, gave the private performance to do something special for the victims. Watch some footage from his performance and read what he said about it after the jump. @Julie1205

Man Holds Daughters In Cages And Rapes Them For 41 Years

Gottfried Wagner is accused of holding his own daughters hostage and raping them for 41 years! The women who are 53 and 45 now have mental illnesses do to the years of abuse and lack of education and human presence. The daughters have told authorities that their mother, who passed away in 2008, also was victim to his abuse and nurses who came to take care of their mother saw what was happening and didn’t report anything! Read more details about the daughters after the jump. @Julie1205

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