(Photos) NFL: Tom Brady Voting For Donald Trump?


The fact that this headline even exists tells me that no matter how great of a football player Tom Brady is, we might have to reconsider just how in touch with the world he is. Further, the fact that he can support someone like Donald Trump who continues to make racist, sexist, and outright nonsensical statements about various topics, speaks volumes to the type of person Tom may be off the field. Tom was recently asked whether or not he would be voting for Donald Trump and his answer was….not surprising?

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(Video) Waka Flocka Flame Talks 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump & Educating The Youth On Voting

Waka Flocka

BSM head honcho Waka Flocka Flame stopped by The Durtty Boyz show to discuss politics, voting and a bunch of other issues. He addressed the 2016 presidential election, his thoughts in regards to Donald Trump and how important it is to educate the youth on voting.

Get into the full interview below to see where Waka stands on these various political issues.

Would you vote for Waka for President?

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Court Rules Texas Voting Law is Discriminatory


The Supreme Court ruled in June 2013 that states no longer can be judged by voting discrimination that went on decades ago, a decision that argues the country has changed since the racially motivated laws of the civil rights era. The high court eradicated section 5 of the Voting Rights Act under the belief discrimination does not exist anymore. Before this decision, the state of Texas passed a voter 1D law, the strictest in the country, which could have significant repercussions for African American and Latino voters.

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(Video) Havard Students Take 1964 Louisiana Literacy Test, None Pass!!

IFWT_1964 Literacy Test

Havard students had a chance to turn back the clock and see what early black voters had to go through. A Harvard tutor gave the exam to her students to see how they would fair. Not even the young intelligent minds could decipher the test.

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Make Sure You Vote In Hot97’s “Battle Of The Beats”, Now In Season 2!!!


A feature that is popular nationwide, but did you know it originally came from Hot 97 years ago? Well it’s back, and of course it’s digital now!

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(Video)Check It Out: Stand Your Ground Law Has Support???


Seems like a majority of America is supporting the stand your ground law that has come under review by many Americans after the decision in the Trayvon Martin case. A poll was held this week for registered American voters and a majority of white male voters are supporting the law while black males are against it. Women are divided on the issue. The battle to change the law will be a difficult one simply because a majority of voters are supporting the law. Check out the video after the jump.



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NFL: Voting For Cover Of Madden 25 Has Begun! Old School vs. New School! Who You Got?!

IFWT_Mdden 25

I love this!  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Madden,” this year’s official cover vote pits 32 legends and 32 current NFL superstars against each other, as fans click for their favorite players from past and present to represent football gamers worldwide on the front of the “Madden NFL 25” box.
Check out who the players are, let us know who you are going to vote for & who should get the cover!

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Sports: Last Chance! NBA All-Star Voting Ends Tonight!

IFWT_2013 NBA all star

This is it, your last chance to vote for your favorite NBA player to play in the NBA All-Star game!  I placed my vote (you can check out my picks on my Twitter page).  Voting ends tonight at 11:59p.  Details after the jump…


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Guess Who Out Voted Who In The 2012 Election!!!


You’ll never guess who out voted who in this years past election. Hit the Jump to find out.


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NFL: Guess Who Topped Fans’ Votes For The Pro Bowl?!

2013 Pro Bowl

The fan voting is one-third of the equation in determining the Pro Bowl teams and it closed on Dec. 17th.  The Pro Bowl teams will be announced Dec. 26th.  The NFL released today who topped the fans’ vote list.
Check out who it was & more details after the jump…


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