(Photo) NFL: Warren Sapp Got Into A Fight With A Shark And Received A Nasty Bite

Warren Sapp was attacked by a shark the other day and luckily he is still here to talk about it. Thankfully it wasn’t some massive attack to begin with but when we are talking about sharks in the water, there is really no such thing as an easy fight. Sapp was out fishing for lobsters in the Florida Keys when he reached his left hand into the water to grab a lobster and wound up being on the wrong end of a shark bite.

(Photo) NFL: Warren Sapp Says Fat Chris Christie Yells Stupid Stuff

It’s safe to say Warren Sapp is not voting for GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie.

NFL: Warren Sapp Pleads Guilty To Domestic Incident Where He Bit His Girlfriend & Stomped On Her Head!

Warren Sapp plead guilty yesterday in Las Vegas to domestic violence charges, stemming from an incident where he attacked his girlfriend back in April, biting her and stomping on her head.

NFL: Charges Dropped Against Warren Sapp in Prostitution Case

Warren Sapp is not going to jail for a probation violation in his prostitution case, as prosecutors had requested and instead, the charges have been dropped.

NFL: Prosecutors in Hooker Case Looking to Lock Warren Sapp Up After Domestic Violence Charges

Warren Sapp has blown one of the greatest plea deals ever.  Arizona prosecutors are gunning to put him in jail for breaking their deal in his hooker case by getting charged with domestic violence in Vegas.

NFL: Report, Warren Sapp Is A Suspect In A Domestic Violence Investigation

Warren Sapp sounds like he might be having more trouble on his hands that involves police and investigations. According to reports, Sapp is a suspect in a domestic violence case where a woman accused him of getting physical at a casino.

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