This is truly an example of using technology for its full potential to do good. There were so many trapped in the storm somewhere yesterday…whether people stuck on the road with their cars, the elderly unable to get some sort of medicine, mothers who couldn’t get their child diapers…the list goes on and on. The mayor of Newark, NJ used the power of Twitter to get to all of them.

“Where is she I will go now! RT @PrincessED89: shoveled driveway plowers came, closed us back in. My grandma is 82 yrs old, she can’t get out” he tweeted earlier today in response to one follower. He even replied to tweets about garbage pick up, made jokes about fire-flaming the snow and even went out there HIMSELF to dig cars out. “ And u didn’t stop and help me? RT @lifeofYSL_Louie: just seen @CoryBooker bald head on South Orange ave pushn cars ! lmao”

One tweeter in particular caught his attention. Popular underground rapper Neako expressed frustration that the side streets weren’t cleaned and there were people stuck with no help in sight. The mayor caught the tweets, they exchanged numbers via DM and soon the 2 were together helping cars and sharing convo!!! Today Booker even joked he should have given Neako his demo. Such a great story!!