This is CTA Digital’s “Assault Rifle Controller” and it looks extremely Tough!! The Sharpshooter was cool, but this ‘Gun’ is much more intricate….See Details.

The Assault Rifle Controller comes in four segments — a stock, a scope, an under-barrel cradle for a PlayStation Move controller, and the body of an automatic weapon. The scope is just for looks. The cradle has a separate trigger that fits astride the main one, and is used to activate the S button on a PlayStation Move controller (which is the firing control). Batteries go in the handle. Place a dongle in one of the PS3’s USB slots, flip the power switch to “On” and press the rifle’s “Home” button, and it’s good to go.
Price: US$59.99
Platform: PS3
What’s in the box: Assault rifle controller, PlayStation Move controller cradle, two AA batteries and a USB dongle.