Tech: Drake Is The Most Streamed Artist on Spotify’s Playstation Music Out of 5 Billion Streams!

Spotify released details about the streaming habits of their members on the music streaming service for Playstation, Playstation Music, and they find Drake is the most streamed artist on their application. A lot of gamers in the Sony camp rock with the OVO boy.

(Video) E3 Game Play With “Battlefield Hardline” & MORE!!!

I could be wrong, but this year seems more exciting than last year, all that teasing instead of just showing the people what they wanted kinda back fired, but this year they’re just giving us the games, and we love it!!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Teen Completely Smashed Brand New PS4

I just got a PS4, a superb system that has only begun to show us what it can do, and couldn’t even imagine doing what this kid did, not just a NEW PS4, but to any piece of Tech!!

(Photo) NFL: Dez Bryant Buys PS4’s For Everyone At Wal-Mart

Shoppers at a Wal-Mart in the Dallas area got the shock of their lives last night. Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant came to the store to buy the new PlayStation 4, which was released at most retail stores around midnight last night. Completely out of the blue, he decided to show some love before Christmas and decided to buy everyone who was waiting on line their own PS4. As you can probably guess, people on line was ecstatic. Each PlayStation cost $400 retail. So do the math, Dez dropped some serious money on a random decision. He definitely made some new fans in the process though. Hit the jump.

Your Chance To Get A FREE PS4 Is HERE!!!

Only on the #1 Radio stain in the nation!! That’s right Hot97 will have an exclusive offing to all of us(except me, employees are exempt) a chance to get our paws on that new new!! Drop down to find out what you need to do!!

(Video) Which of These 2 Dope Games Are You Getting?!?

It’s that time of the year, 1st person shooter mania! You have the current champ, Call Of Duty, coming out with it’s latest title COD: Ghosts, a spin off of the ‘Modern Warfare’ series, and as you know it looks amazing! Now the competition, Battlefield is dropping it’s 4th installment and again as you know, it also looks amazing!

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