A 20-year-old Ohio man arrested for burglary plunged to his death after he busted through the window of a police car and dove off a bridge. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

Dayton police were taking Kylen English to Montgomery County jail around 9:40 p.m. Saturday when he shattered the cruiser’s back window with his head and scrambled through the window while still cuffed, cops said.

The car was in the middle of the Salem Avenue bridge when English escaped.

As the officer was pulling over, English ran to the bridge’s edge and jumped, landing on a rocky area near the Great Miami River about 90 feet below, cops said.

“He then went head first out the window and head first over the bridge,” Dayton Police Lt. Kim Hill told the Dayton Daily News.

It wasn’t clear if English was wearing a seat belt or if he was drunk or high at the time, the newspaper reported.

The county coroner’s office said autopsy results would be released later Monday.

Family and friends in a crowd of about 200 who gathered for a vigil at the bridge on Sunday said they were horrified by the young man’s death – and skeptical of the cops’ account of it.

English was a talented singer who had dreams of becoming an R&B star, friends said.

“Kylen had a beautiful spirit,” his cousin, Renee English, told the Dayton newspaper. “Anyone would have been blessed to have him in their family.”

It wasn’t English’s first brush with the law. In June 2009, he was found guilty of criminal trespassing and given a 30-day suspended jail sentence, court records show.

Dayton cops said that escapes from cop cars were rare but not unheard of, adding that a perp broke out of police vehicle earlier this month.

“Sometimes people do things that are very rash,” police Chief Richard Biehl told the Daily News.