Today is actor Charlie Sheen’s 46th birthday. Before being know for his recent crazy antics, escapes, and catch phrases, Charlie starred in countless blockbuster movies and television series. Charlie, whose real name is Carlos Irwin Estévez, is the youngest son of Martin Sheen. Blaming his father’s success and the spotlight on his family, Charlie struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse during his teenage and early adulthood. Charlie’s acting career started when he landed a role in 1984’s Red Dawn and really took off when he got his first staring role in 1986’s Platoon. In recent years, Charlie seems to have relapsed in his drug and alcohol abuse, even relapsing and heading to rehab once again. After being dropped from his hit show “Two and a Half Men,” Charlie is working on rebuilding his career. Watch one of Charlie’s crazy interviews after the jump.

Happy Birthday, Charlie!