Word has it that BMW is working on some serious stoppers for its M5. According to Bimmerfile, Dr. Herbert Diess, a member of the BMW board of management, has confirmed that the company is currently testing carbon ceramic discs for the M5 and upcoming M6. Brake supplier Brembo has teamed up with SGL Carbon for a joint venture to manufacture the discs, and Brembo is already responsible for bits like the multi-piston calipers already at work on the 2012 M5.

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So, when we can we expect to see carbon discs on the performance sedan? That still remains unclear. Diess says that the hardware is at least another year out from production, which dovetails nicely with the scheduled arrival of the M5 on American shores. Even so, no one is saying whether the brakes will come as part of an optional package or as standard equipment on the 2013 model. Stay tuned.