“Basketball Wives L.A.” star Draya Michele has beat the other person with the sextape to the punch, killing the element of surprise. She has definitely given us something to look forward to for these holidays. In the meantime while we patiently wait for the other person to release the sextape, you can see pics of Draya here.

So someone is threatening to leak a very private movie. There’s only 2 people in possession of it and I am one. So obviously….

I just wanna pre-apologize to my family, my son, my friends, and my supporters. We live in a very cruel word.

I always assumed it was love that drove certain individuals crazy…. Come to find out it was MONEY and the want for it the whole time.

How ironic. Somebody wants to be famous. Not on my time. Saw this coming. Ha. Pathetic. Sorry bitch

So in this time, I just ask that you pray for the well being of me and my family. Thank you