Shaquille O’Neal sat down for a Q & A with SLAM in which he answered a variety of questions.  Shaq’s been stirring up a lot of controversary lately with details released from his book.  During the interview Shaq addresses the shots then takes another one at Stephon Marbury.  Check it out after the jump.

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SLAM: Talk to me about

SHAQ: I started my brand in ’99, and since ’99 we’ve sold 75 million pairs. With no advertising. Now, with social media and everything, now we’re in a time when you can just press a button and get product right away. So I’m just thanking the people and showing the people what we’ve created. And it’s a great product. My thing has always been to make something that when a kid sees it, even though it’s only $20, he won’t be ashamed to wear it. And this is $20, bro. You can rock them all day, all these are $20. I think that’s why we’ve sold 75 million pairs. Because they actually look cool. And not only that, but they got a real name behind them. Not Marbury. And you can quote me on that [laughs].

SLAM: Did you intend for a lot of the pieces of your book to come off as jabs at guys you’ve played with, like Rondo for instance?

SHAQ: Everything that is said, or read, has its own interpretation. People interpret things their own way, which I understand. But what they don’t understand is, they’re going to help put me on the bestseller’s list. Those guys know me, and everybody knows me—I don’t take cheap shots. Anything I say in the book, I will say in your face. This is just a reflection, being reflective on what has happened. And I wasn’t being mad at Rondo, I just thought that when the President said, “Teach this kid how to shoot,” that maybe that affected him. And that’s my opinion, I’m not taking shots. A lot of guys, especially the ESPN guys, those guys have personalities and have followers, so if they talk about something spicy, then it makes them important. “Look what Shaq said.” But those guys have no validity. It’s all just a reflection, this book. And hey, anybody who got a problem, come to [smiles]. Holla back.

SLAM: During the lockout, a lot of NBA guys have been making music. Have you heard any? What do you think of it?

SHAQ: I was on some site last night, and I saw Steven Jackson’s. It was very hard, but it was pretty good. But it was just too hard, a lot of people won’t be able to take that, but that’s where he’s from, a tough area, and a lot of people won’t like the language, but I liked it. It was nice, he was inside the track, he had a great time. A couple other guys, though, they need to understand that when you’re an expert in this world, and you cross over into another world, you better come correct, or else. See like Marbury tried to cross over into my world, and he didn’t last long. And you can quote me on that, too. Talking about he was going to have the best shoe, get outta here. No way. Stop it.