It was confirmed over the summer that Jaguar was working on an XF wagon, and now the spy photogs at KGP have caught it testing. We’ve been told it’s called the XF Sportbrake, and it’s hard to pin down the exact lines in back with those bulging light units, but it should make itself right at home in the handsome XF line.

Funk Flex

This car will begin the expansion of Jaguar’s lower-end offerings as it tries to win over the buyers that have been lining up for Audi and Mercedes wagons. The last time Jaguar had an entry level load-lugger, the unlamented X-Type Estate. The XF Sportbrake, even with the swirlies and disguised taillights, already looks promising, and we know from experience that the 2012 XF sedan is a terrific driver.

Don’t get too excited about it, though, because it’s not heading Stateside. Jaguar’s U.S. VP of communications released this statement:

Today in the news from the UK, Jaguar Cars confirmed the ongoing development and testing of a new Jaguar XF derivative, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake (a sport wagon). No vehicle information is being released at this time. Please be aware, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake is not scheduled to come to North America due to significant design changes that would be required to meet U.S. federal regulations.