Apparently Bob Marley’s half brother Richard Booker (different dads so he’s not a Marley!) has been using Bob’s name to promote concerts, sell food, energy drinks, liquor and more. For good reason, his Marley side of the family is NOT happy and have filed a federal lawsuit against him for trademark infringement and unauthorized use of Marley’s likeness. A mess! Details on the suit below.

Marisa Mendez

(TMZ) – According to the suit, Booker’s been real busy — registering the trademark “Mama Marley” to sell … among other things … fish, fish and chips, fish cakes, fish croquettes, fish fillets, fish mousse, and fish sausages. Yes, Bob loved him some fish.

In addition, the suit claims Booker is using Marley’s name and image to market an annual concert in Miami, known as the 9 Mile Music Festival. For those not in the know … 9 Mile is the Jamaican village where Bob was born and buried.

Bob’s family says they have the rights to all things Marley and want all of Booker’s profits. They also want a judge to order Booker to stop all future use of the name.

Interestingly, next year’s headliners at that 9 Mile Music Festival include Stephen, Damian and Julian Marley — all plaintiffs in the suit.