According to a new study, scientists say they have evidence that the male sex drive is the root of world violence. Don’t believe me? Hit the jump.


The study showed that males were bred to be aggressive to outsiders. That aggression has become a form of natural selection amongst males. The study also showed throughout evolution, unlike men, women have developed resolve conflicts.

History shows that men demonstrate prejudice towards outsiders, and seek violent behavior, because they are trying to attract females. The study states this chase of women is an to have better chances  if reproduction. Scientists even said the behavior shown by males is similar to that of chimpanzees.

‘Our research finds that conflict between rival groups of men has presented opportunities to gain access to mates, territory and increased status.

‘We believe this has resulted through natural selection in an evolved psychology amongst men to initiate and display acts of inter-group aggression.’

Not sure if you needed a scientific study to tell you this, but either way you can get more here.