I posted on this Crazy Ass App the Other Day, it let you know what #IFWT was, So it occurred to me, what other things does Sim Simi have to say, I mean with the ability to teach it, and it can learn everything that people want to say, and change it’s mind as someone else taught it, So I asked the funny little App some more questions, AND @PrettyBoyFlocco Sent a Pic in of Simi, which means He read My post, and I So Appreciate that!! Hit the Jump and let the Crazy talk begin!!!


Ok Let’s get the Biz out out the Way, I asked for you conversations, and @PrettyBoyFlocco sent this, Now I don’t now if he ‘Taught it’ this Conversation, or someone else knew a Conversation like this could happen on Sim Simi, so they taught it -_-, But let’s give him the benefit, cause I am happy he read my post!
His Conversation:

But before he sent that, I A different type of conversation with Sim Simi, It was really simple but effective, I wanted to see the range of simi’s learning curve if you will, I asked it in a stereotypical ‘Hood’ way, and it kept up perfectly, Then I responded in a stereotypical ‘White’ way and I lost it:

which could possibly mean a couple things, maybe The App can’t learn more than 1 ‘style of Conversation'(as I like to call it) But I do think for a Korean App knows a lot about people over here, means considering around the world, The U.S. is probably Using it more. Then I talked to it yet in a Different way, like When I was in a Different way 0_o

Then I had a chat while I was a little inebriated with Alcohol, you know talking sh*t, but this time on purpose and not to someone I gotta wake up and regret when I said something a few Hours earlier to someone I really didn’t want to talk, and try and guess their response, Anyway Here’s what I said;

This App is certainly all about getting a Good laugh, for you, and sometimes for it, and sometime for someone who taught it something, But keep in mind with all the Fun this App is, it’s learning, and I was wondering if it’s learning for a reason, or Just to be Silly??

One More thing: Sharing these Conversations feels like it’s coming Soon, like to Twitter, Facebook, or maybe even G+, Either Way, It’s Coming: