(Photo) This Is How iPhone 6 And iOS 8 Could Really Look?!?!


Here’s the thing, there are so many rumors, and the hype is building up so crazy right now, it’s hard to comb through everything. Like are there 2 iPhones dropping, both larger screens(One could be a phablet)?? Right now that is the lead, but what we do know is a blue print, or schematic seemed to have leaked, as well as an alleged pic of the top tier phone at the factory. Well someone decided to make a rendering based off of these leaks!!

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US Government To Drop Blackberry; Blackberry Responds!!

Obama Drops blackberry

Well, this might be the last of the blackberry user’s, the US Government, But it’s almost over for the once king and 1st of the smartphones! The White house is Finally giving up the keys for that good touch interface!

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(Video/Photos) Here’s How You Add 16 To 32 GB’s To Your iPhone!!!

Mophie_Space case

Ok I saw this at CES, and got so excited about asking for one for product review, I didn’t get a pic, and didn’t talk about it because I was still hoping to get a hold of one, but since they will be in most stores this week, and already on line at Amazon, and Apple has it on there site as well(but it’s about $50 more) it’s def time to make sure you know about it!

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(Photos) Wait What?!? Flappy Bird Phones Going For How Much On eBay?!??


Ummm, feels like you should have taken my heed on DL’ing Flappy Bird before it was gone, cause now it seems like the only way to get it is buying a used phone on eBay with the game pre-installed, BUT Now, you may have to pay a pretty penny for those, as opposed to when it was FREE.

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(Video) Ice Cube Talks ‘Ride Along,’ NWA Movie & More With DJ Whoo Kid

DJ Whoo Kid x Ice Cube

He’s filming interviews, straight off the iPhone. RUH. Live from Whoo Kid’s handheld device, Ice Cube sits down for the Whoolywood Shuffle to discuss his new comedy with Kevin Hart Ride Along, the upcoming NWA biopic and more. Check out his interview below.

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(Photos) Man Gets Arrested For iPhone Cookie?!


Earlier this Month, comedian Randy Liedtke decided to make an adventure out of some cookies he made. 1st he found it funny to merely make an iPhone cookie, which was kinda slick, but a couple days after he decided it would be super cool to drive around with said cookie and gauge police reaction, that’s when his fun started.

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(Video) President Obama Recognizes Data Bills Are High!!!

obamacare site shuts down for repairs

Our President is so forward thinking, and understands our everyday struggle! In a press conference about The health care law, he mentions he’s not allowed an iPhone for security reason, but knows his daughters are on theirs heavy, and knows with that comes a high data bill along with your cable bill(how most of us get in house internet), so that’s why it’s key for having affordable health care at under $100 a month!!!

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(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: No One Should Be Beaten This Brutally


I’m not sure of the actual background, 1 thing says dude stole an iPhone, the other thing says he stabbed a 23 year old woman, either way, this was BAD!!

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Smash And Grab At An Apple Store!!!


Ummm, Not how I would have done it, but then again, besides not being a thief(anymore), I really respect technology!!

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