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iDime Inc. is developing a dime-sized magnet for our iPhones to help increase memory storage.

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If you’re an iPhone user and someone who stores a lot of music, photos, videos and apps then you understand the struggle of having to conform to the limited amount of storage your iPhone can hold. But there is some recent good news for us! The company iDime, Inc. has created a storage device no bigger than a dime and can be switched out with other iDimes just like an SD card!

Tired of running out of space on your #iPhone?? #iDime will fix that!! More info coming soon!!

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The iDime comes as a case for the iPhone and at the base of the case is a piece which attaches to the Lightning USB port of your iPhone. On the back of the case down towards the base is a slot for you to place your iDime’s. The iDime works as a magnet so it securely attaches itself to the slot, and all you need to do is twist it 15 degrees clockwise to lock it in place. Once the iDime is connected to your iPhone all you need to do next is sync it and you’re ready to use your iPhone to it’s full potential again.

iDime, Inc. also went ahead and created a flash drive for you to connect your iDime to, so you can connect it to your Mac or PC and share files. Another great feature about the tech is the iDime’s file transfer speed which reduces any lag or delay. iDime claims that their device can transfer 16GB of photos and videos in under 3-minutes. Thats quite impressive!

When the time comes to transfer your data, i.dime supports blazing fast 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds. This ensures all content, whether it be 4K videos or high-resolution images, can be enjoyed with minimal lag or delay. For example, 16GB of photos and videos will take less than 3 minutes to transfer.


Because of iDime’s practicality, you can expect to see this device become something big as soon as they begin mass-producing it. With the capability of technology and social media expanding, the amount of storage preset on our devices just isn’t enough. iDime, Inc. is helping us put our iPhone to use a little more, so you can expect to see a lot of your friends more active on social media… including yourself!

You can pre-order the iDime on iDime, Inc.’s Kickstarter page!

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