NBA: Golden State Warriors Get Tech Savvy To Sell Better Tickets To Fans With Ibeacons


Pro sports teams are always looking for ways to generate more revenue and at the same time offer fans a better experience. By taking advantage of Apple’s ibeacon bluetooth technology, the Golden State Warriors appear to be doing just that. It is a technology that most teams in major league baseball already use, but the Warriors would be the first team in the NBA to use it. What is it you may ask? Hit the jump.

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(Video) Is Google Taking Charge Of The ‘Wearable’ Market?!

wearable tech

If you don’t really know, ‘Wearable Tech’ is the Wave coming that will be the ‘it’ devices, so think the popularity of iPhone across many devices that you wear somewhere on your body…ie Google Glass, Galaxy Gear, Pebble Smartwatch, the alleged Apple iWatch, etc etc.

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(Video) Here’s What An Apple Dashboard Will Look Like In Your Car!!

Apple car Look

Apple, the #1 brand in the world is truly about to keep blowing up!! Recently announced, Apple has made a deal with 3 car manufacturer’s, Benz, Rari, and vovlo, but that’s just the beginning, after this initial launch, they will expand to Ford, Nissan, Honda, chevy(like they listened to Joell Ortiz or something), and more than likely every car made, except maybe the car’s Google makes driverless!

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(Video) Holographic Police To Guard The Olympics?!

IFWT_hologram-explains facts in Sochi

Police in Sochi are installing holograms at the entrance to their police stations to guide people in Russian and English language about important security info, especially with all the visiting countries, should someone get lost or need feel safe.

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(Video) President Obama Recognizes Data Bills Are High!!!

obamacare site shuts down for repairs

Our President is so forward thinking, and understands our everyday struggle! In a press conference about The health care law, he mentions he’s not allowed an iPhone for security reason, but knows his daughters are on theirs heavy, and knows with that comes a high data bill along with your cable bill(how most of us get in house internet), so that’s why it’s key for having affordable health care at under $100 a month!!!

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Uhh Ohhhh! Microsoft Sent A ‘Sexist’ Email About Xbox One?!

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft already taking a ‘soft’ hit with Xbox One, problems reported with the unit(but they have sold Millions of $$$ worth), now they got issue’s with the female race by placating to them 0_-

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(Video) Japanese Company Creates New Cleaning Technology

IFWT_Clean up kitchen spills

I have no clue as to what is being said in the video below, but by the demonstration, IF this comes to the states, they will make Billions!!

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President Obama Makes Historic Moment After Visiting Tech Based High School In Brooklyn!!!


Obama is heading to Brooklyn to visit one of the first P-Tech high schools, that integrates the tech-business aspect of IBM with a high school-college curriculum, hit the jump for more!!!

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Nike Annouces FuelBand SE That Tracks WHAT??!!!

Nike Fuel Band

Nike had a press event today in NYC and announced Fuel Band SE. The new gadget is the second generation of Nike’s wearable technology.

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Google Maps Finally Adds THIS!!!!

Google Maps

For the past few months Google has been testing out the new Google Maps with users, allowing them to try out the beta or opting out. Well, one of the company’s major completes were that the new version did not support multi-destinations.

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