Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and receiverSantonio Holmes may need some marriage counseling.  Jets coach Rex Ryan told the New York Post that Holmes told him he’d like to get away for a weekend retreat with Sanchez to fix their chemistry. Ryan has been steadfast in saying that neither Sanchez nor Holmes is going anywhere, and he says that Holmes sounds like he’s committed to making the relationship work.  Read more after the jump.

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“It seemed like that was what Santonio was talking about,” Ryan said. “I don’t know if he’s reached out to Mark yet and done anything but that is what I believe to be true.”

Ryan still believes Sanchez and Holmes can be a great quarterback-receiver combination.

“The first year they had good chemistry together,” Ryan said. “Whatever happened, happened but we’ll learn from it. I’m confident because I think we have to be successful, they have to be successful together. I know one thing they are both extremely competitive.”

According to Ryan, both Sanchez and Santonio are committed to making the team better, as is everyone else on the team.

“There isn’t one person in this organization who feels good about where we finished,” he said. “We can’t wait to get it done again. We’d love to be able to play tomorrow. We’ll see. I think the strength of our football team will be in how we feel about each other and all that, the chemistry that we’ve always built. I think that will be a strength and won’t be a weakness like it might have been perceived this year.”