Christopher Scarver brutally murdered serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer 17 years ago now wants to write a tell-all book about Jeffrey’s murder. The book, which is still being shopped around, will include why Scarver killed Dahmer along with his last words. I’m sure a lot of people would be very interested in reading the book, especially since many people are kind of obsessed with Dahmer and other serial killers. Read more below


It’s been 17 years since notorious cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was brutally murdered in a Wisconsin prison … and now, the man who beat him to death is shopping a tell-all book about the killing.

TMZ has learned … a rep for Christopher Scarver has reached out to high power book publishers … claiming the 42-year-old wants to explain why he felt compelled to bludgeon Dahmer to death with a broomstick in 1994.

Sources say … Scarver — who’s currently serving multiple life sentences for multiple murders — wants to reveal all sorts of details surrounding the Dahmer killing … including Dahmer’s last words.

We’re told Scarver plans to reveal the “sick, sadistic mind games and practical jokes” Dahmer played on prison officials and other prisoners during his time in the pokey.

Sources say … Scarver also wants to share the life lessons he’s learned since the killing.

No word if anyone will bite.