A Man is claiming that a 4-hour ride on his BMW motorcycle gave him an erection that would not go away! He noticed that the thrill for the ride was lasting too long after his he remained with an erection for hours, he is now suing because of the sexual and emotional frustrations the bike-seat has caused him.

Steph Bassanini

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We can joke about getting hard-ons for sexy vehicles all we want, but this is serious. After a four-hour ride, some guy with a BMW stepped off his bike with an erection. He waited for it to go away … and waited … and waited. After a while, one of those Viagra commercials probably popped into his head reminding him that it was time to go to the doctor.

The disease is priapism (ongoing erection) and the man has now taken BMW and Corbin-Pacific to the Superior Court of San Francisco County (CGC-12-520316).

Plaintiff alleges that this condition was caused by the ridge-like seat on his motorcycle, negligently designed, manufactured and/or installed by defendants.

Plaintiff now suffers from priapism, and has been experiencing continuing problems since his motorcycle ride. He is now unable to engage in sexual activity, which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish. Plaintiff is distraught and distressed because of this. Defendants, and each of them, are liable to plaintiff due [to] their negligent design, manufacture and/or installation of the seat on plaintiff’s motorcycle.

We’d be mentally damaged, too. We’re just worried old dudes who don’t want to admit they use Viagra will now use this as an excuse to buy a shiny new BMW.