The Orlando Magic just completed an insane roller coaster of a season, and now that it’s over, speculation is spreading that Head Coach Stan Van Gundy will soon be out of a job. Well, according to the Orlando Sentinel, Mr. Van Gundy ain’t too worried about all that.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

“For a man likely looking to be strung up on a whipping post soon, Stan Van Gundy has no worries. Life is good, even if he gets canned as coach of the Orlando Magic. Life as a baseball fan looks like a cushy Plan B. Van Gundy was at Tropicana Field Saturday afternoon, catching up with his good friend, Atlanta Braves Fredi González, as the Braves came to town for a three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays. Van Gundy and Gonzalez became close friends when both me were in Miami — Van Gundy was coaching  the Heat and Gonzalez managing the Marlins. Wearing shorts, a casual shirt and sandals, Van Gundy was a carefree man behind the backstop. He accepted warm welcomes from a handful of Braves players while Van Gundy’s son, Mike, and one of Mike’s friends shagged  throws from the Braves’ players during batting practice. Magic assistant coach Brendan Malone also joined Van Gundy for the short road trip from Orlando. Doesn’t sound like a man with any job insecurities. ‘I’m not too worried about it,’ Van Gundy said. ‘This is a slow time of year anyway.’”