Sabrina B.

Brandon Jacobs was released this offseason by the Giants, but at least one fan is opening up the piggy bank to get the running back to return to New York.

Jacobs, who has signed with the 49ers, posted a letter to Twitter on Tuesday night he received from a 6-year-old boy named Joe. At the start of the letter, Joe’s mom explains how her son became a fan of the team and how he was disappointed to see Jacobs depart to San Francisco. The mother had to explain that the Giants “didn’t have enough money” to keep Jacobs, who was owed $5 million.

In the letter, Joe writes:

“Dear Brandon Jacobs,

So you could go to the Giants, here is my money.

Love, Joe”

Attached is a plastic bag of singles and change totaling $3.36.

Jacobs later tweeted, “I almost cried, I am still trying to hold it in. I may have to pay him a surprise visit.”

The Giants parted ways with the bruising back after seven seasons in New York, the last of which included just 571 rush yards in Jacobs’ 14 games.

Here’s the letter and what Brandon had to say about it: