A couple of weeks ago we posted a story about a girl who was murdered after a Nicki Minaj concert. It turns out one of the murderers was an American church pianist. Click below to read the story.

Melissa Nash

A U.S. church pianist has been arrested for strangling an Irish exchange student who spurned his advances following a Nicki Minaj concert, in Tokyo a spokesman for police said Friday.

Richard Hinds of Memphis is accused of murdering Nicola Furlong, 21, in a hotel room on May 24.

The 19-year-old allegedly admitted to strangling the Dublin City University student after she refused his sexual advances, but he insists that he did not mean to kill her, according to ABCNews.

Furlong was reportedly found dead at the Keio Plaza Hotel after attending a Nicki Minaj concert with friends.

Tokyo police say that a hotel employee found Furlong’s body after responding to guests’ complaints of loud noises coming from a room, CNN reports.

Police said that Hinds was in the room with Furlong’s body when hotel staff arrived.

It is unclear how Furlong and Hinds came to know each other.

Hinds and James Blackston, 23, a dancer from Los Angeles, had already been detained on suspicion of molesting Furlong’s friend the same night in a taxi to the hotel, CNN reports.

The Metropolitan Police Department told ABCNews that Japanese authorities decided to charge Hinds with murder after viewing the hotel’s surveillance footage and receiving Furlong’s autopsy report.