Tyrese is another celebrity that has written a piece to celebrate Father’s Day. Read his Father’s Day poem entitled “My Back” after the jump.

Gernique N

This is a spoken word from a child to his father…

When I was young I wanted nothing more than to know that my father had “My Back”.

I actually didn’t realize how often I would want or need nothing more than to know my father had “My Back” .

When I was young and I took my first few steps and was about to fall my father’s strong hands grabbed me from “My Back”.

When I was at the park being pushed on that swing I knew it was mommy back there.. I used to close my eyes and hope that when I opened them it was really my father pushing me because I wanted nothing more than to known that my father had “My Back”.

As a little boy when I had that basketball in my hand and got air lifted so that I could reach the rim, I would always turn and see if it was my daddy that lifted me from “My Back”.

Daddy thank you for not just being a child support payment but for loving me and having “My Back”.

When I had nightmares I would run into my daddy’s arms and he would say “Don’t worry baby, daddy is here… My heartbeat would slow down and my fear would go away because my daddy had “My Back”.

When I was being bullied at school, I knew they would keep bullying me if my daddy didn’t show up and have “My Back”.

When I was on my bike, it was always so hard to start pedaling from a stand still and then came the push to initiate my bike ride. I turned around and was hoping it was you – my daddy who pushed “My Back”.

My father taught me to read. Some words I couldn’t pronounce. My dad was strong and with his deep voice he would help me with new words. He had “My Back”.

As a little girl I loved Mommy’s advice about dating men.. But it’s nothing like hearing the raw truth from my daddy who is a real man who understands men.. I have avoided many heartaches because my dad had “My Back”.

Here I stand proudly with my chest poked out , throughout all of life’s unexpected challenges, I kept my determination and focus and earned this cap and gown. A powerful moment, not only am I graduating school, I’m graduating in life. I look to my left and I see my mother. I look to my right and see my father. They both stand proudly with their hands on “My Back”.

Here’s my sincere SALUTE to all of the real FATHERS around the world… Real fathers know that being a father is not just a day but it’s a year round effort to love, embrace and just be there.

To all of the single mothers playing the role of mother and father God bless you!! Salute!!

Any man can make a baby, but it takes a real man to be a father.. If you are not involved in your kids’ lives it’s never too late.. Just remember it’s only the kids who suffer in the end.. Any means necessary… Do what you have to do to be more a part of your child’s life…

President Obama has created the new standards in black fatherhood and removed any excuse a man could have of being too busy to be involved and/or make time to be there as a father…