Sabrina B.

It’s really great of New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins to host a football camp in New Jersey to help 200 kids learn football and have fun. It’s free for all the kids, and Jenkins does it out of the goodness of his heart.

As described by Roman Harper on Twitter (Harper, James Laurinaitis and Larry Fitzgerald were all in attendance, too), Jenkins ended up going one-on-one against a high school kid named Dajon Foat of Piscataway High School.

Foat ran routes against Jenkins, best out of three, with the winner getting the cleats right off the other guy’s feet.

According to Harper, on the first play, Jenkins knocked the ball down. Jenkins 1, Dajon 0. On the second play, the kid made a catch in the back of the end zone. Jenkins 1, Dajon 1. Here is the third and deciding play:

Oooooh. BURNT. Dajon 2, Jenkins 1. Hand over those cleats, Malcolm.

How’s that for a trophy for a high school football player? He can go home and put Malcolm Jenkins’ cleats on his wall. Congratulations, young man.

Congratulations to Jenkins, too. Not only is he putting on the camp for everyone, but he’s truly engaged in it (obviously), and out there making sure everyone has a good time. I believe one camper in particular will remember the camp a little more fondly than anyone else.