(Video) Too Funny: Comedian Convinces Random People Hillary Clinton Dropped Out Of Race

Haha OOUUU….this guy really got people in their feels when he told them that Hillary Clinton has officially dropped out of the running for President of the United States of America. According to these people, right now, they think Donald Trump is running the country.

(Video) NBA: Gregg Popovich Gives Insightful Answers on Race, Societal Issues & Player Protests

During media day, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was asked his thoughts on race, police brutality and other societal issues going on, and what he plans to do if his players join Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  Popovich answered the questions perfectly in my opinion.

NYPD Says Race Was Not A Factor In Desiigner Case

The NYPD is saying that Desiigner’s legal team is full of it for claiming that he was targeted because he was black. They said he was arrested because he committed a crime.

(Video) Blind Man Speaks On Racism

In a video we see a blind man share his thoughts on racism. The man says he does not think about color, its all about the person as a individual. He says he believes blind people like him all go by the content of people’s character because they can’t even see color.

(Video) A Racist Couple Disrespects A Black Family

This country is getting crazier and crazier by the day. In a recent video we see a family getting disrespected by a white couple. In the video, the couple calls the family ‘niggers’ and even tells them that ‘black people do not belong in America.’

St. Louis Church Gets Covered In Graffiti And Then Burned

Officials responded to a fire at a predominately black church in St. Louis. There is currently an investigation being held by the St. Louis Regional Bomb and Arson Unit after the church alarm went off at around 2am Tuesday morning.

(Video) Coachella Showdown: Tyler The Creator Miles Ahead of Kanye In a Race

Tyler the Creator isn’t new to this. We’ve seen him in crazy slap-battles with his friends, dance around random people in the street, and even show-off his best crumping moves. But this time he decides to bring along Kanye West in his latest playful stunt. And what better way to include Kanye than to have a good ole’ fashion race. *Sigh…Reminisces*

Ben Carson Has Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race

It’s official. Republican candidate for the presidency Ben Carson, has withdrew his candidacy and drops out of the race. Now for the GOP, it’s down to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich. If the Republican party wins, one of these four men are up. Hit the jump.

Of Course: Stacey Dash Agrees With Decision To Use White Actor As MJ

As previously reported, a white actor by the name of Joseph Fiennes has been cast to portray Michael Jackson in an upcoming made-for-TV film in the UK. Naturally, many people have been up in arms over this, and an old interview with MJ and Oprah even resurfaced, where Michael is adamant that he’d want an African-American man to play him, saying that because despite his skin disease making him pale, he’s still a proud black man at the end of the day. Of course, the troll of the century, Stacey Dash, feels otherwise.

(Photos) Black Excellence: Black Runners Dominate NYC Marathon Finishing 1st, 2nd, & 3rd In Women’s AND Men’s Divisions!!

Yet, another prime example of Black Excellence: The 2015 New York City Marathon was dominated by not one, but TWO black first place winners in both the male and female divisions. As if dominating first place wasn’t enough, black runners also finished second and third in both divisions! Out of 50,000 runners who crossed the finish line, the top 3 women and top 3 men all happen to be black. AMAZING! Read more after the jump!

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