Haha OOUUU….this guy really got people in their feels when he told them that Hillary Clinton has officially dropped out of the running for President of the United States of America. According to these people, right now, they think Donald Trump is running the country.

Frankie Zing

Comedian Tyler Fischer posed as a BBC reporter and “broke” the news that Hillary Clinton had dropped out of the race for president, leaving Donald Trump as the likely next president of the United States and the reactions are truly priceless. The look of horror from many and the look of un-surprise from many…

One group of people, was very thrilled at the news of Secretary Clinton suspending her campaign and asked Fischer if the former secretary of state was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease…he said no, but he did say she got the Zika virus. Someone else asked too if she was sick, and the comedian just couldn’t help himself and told them she got the Bird flu. Oh man…I def want your reactions and comments after watching this one! How would you react if you really got that news…AND it was real?? Comments section below the vid. Oh and in case you live under a rock, only the VP debate and 1 Presidential Debate has happened so far…just saying: