(VIDEO) JLo Performs At 2014 Billboard Awards And Is First Woman To Receive Icon Award!

When it came to presenting the Icon Award to Bronx born Jennifer Lopez AKA ‘Jenny from The Block’, Iggy Azalea and Ricky Martin introduced the iconic artist singing Jlo’s praises and boasting the accomplishment’s of the first woman to be awarded the iconic award by Billboard. Jlo is an international superstar, as well as triple threat, who has most certainly earned the honor after selling over 75 million records worldwide! Watch the icon’s acceptance speech and sexy performance inside!

(PHOTO) NBA: Lol, Check Out How 1996 Slam Dunk Contest Champ Uses His Trophy Today

Well this is definitely one way to display your Slam Dunk contest trophy. Lol  Brent Barry won the NBA Slam Dunk contest in 1996 & he has a unique way to display his prize.  It makes me wonder what other winners are doing with their trophies?!  Check it out…

Crazy!! How Much Is An Oscar Worth?!?!

Have you ever wondered how much an Oscar was worth? That golden statue that every actor, director, producer, etc. dreams of holding one day. You would be surprised to know that the award cost only 400 dollars to manufacture, yet each year film distributors spend millions of dollars on advertisement campaigns to take one of those trophies home. Producers spend many millions of dollars on Oscar campaigns, hosting events, having screenings for academy members, even sending out copies of their movies to academy members. Some times the actors fly out to attend screenings and do Q&A’s. The producers of, “The Hurt Locker” which won best picture in 2010 are rumored to have spent 15 Million on their campaign (give or take a million). Hollywood spends about 150 Million dollars a year to win an Oscar. With that amount of money they could manufacture 375,000 of those golden statues a year.

NFL: Really?! The Ravens Lost The Super Bowl Trophy On Sunday

How does this happen?! I would think that this would be one thing that you wouldn’t lose. Wouldn’t someone be in charge of this at all times?!  Well apparently the Super Bowl trophy was lost for a period of time.  Report after the jump…

NBA: LeBron James Reportedly Thought He Lost His Finals MVP Trophy

Sabrina B. Things can get crazy after winning an NBA Championship.  There are bound to be so many people coming from so many places trying to do so many things, that it’s virtually assured that there is general craziness happening after a series-clinching win. And in that madness, things can get misplaced. Including, as it turns out, the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award. That’s exactly what happened to LeBron James a little less than a week ago.

Sports: High School Player Beats NFL Pro; Check Out His ‘Trophy’

Sabrina B. It’s really great of New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins to host a football camp in New Jersey to help 200 kids learn football and have fun. It’s free for all the kids, and Jenkins does it out of the goodness of his heart. As described by Roman Harper on Twitter (Harper, James Laurinaitis and Larry Fitzgerald were all in attendance, too), Jenkins ended up going one-on-one against a high school kid named Dajon Foat of Piscataway High School.

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