(Video) Nick Cannon Does The Ice Bucket Challenge – In The NUDE!


Another nice spin on the ice bucket challenge. Why get your clothes wet when you can do it in the nude?! Check it out as Nick Cannon gets doused – he’s actually using ice unlike some others.

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(Video+Photos) LAPD Has Got A New Ride! We’re Talking A Military Grade Electric Motorcycle!


The LAPD has copped themselves a brand new $15,000 military-grade electric motorcycle and this thing is sleek. The motorcycle, called a Zero MMX, was purchased as part of a pilot project which if all goes well will lead to the police department purchasing more. The Zero MMX is soundless, fast and cost effective with it costing less than 50 cents to fully charge. Check out some photos and a video of the test drive after the jump!

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OMG! New Jersey Father Kidnaps His Children After Stabbing Mother To Death

Tracy Jordan And Her Two Sons Anthony, 7, and Nicholas Jordan, 8

This is just terrible. A New Jersey family became the attention of the Nation as the father kidnapped two of his children and is suspected to have stabbed his soon to be ex-wife to death in her apartment!
Find out more after the jump

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(Photo) LOL! You’ll Never Guess What This Girl Does When Her Phone Fell In The Drain!!

This is the kind of thing you only see in cartoons! A 16 year old was walking home one day, talking on the phone. Once done with her conversation, Ella Birchenough went to put her phone in her pocket but MISSED!!
Find out after the jump JUST HOW MUCH she loved her phone after the jump!!

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LADIES, It’s Is Official! A little Flirting Can Get You A Long Way!!

Woman Flirts With Cop To Get Away From Ticket

Ladies, we’ve all heard the stories of a friend’s friend having got away from trouble by smiling and batting a their eyes. The perfect situation to pull out all the stops? Apparently when you get pulled over for a ticket.

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LOL! Guess What This Man Was Arrested For!!

Drake Parks

Why this is coming out now, don’t know why…But late last February a man called Drake Parks went to go to the bank and decided he saw something he liked and decided to go for it

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(Photos) Ladies And Fellas Speak About What Makes Up A Perfect Woman?!

Perfect Woman

Men and Women all have different perceptions of what makes the perfect woman.
Men have their own opinion, beyonce’s booty, Scarlett’s lips and perfect hips to waist ratio. And women may have a different perception.

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(Photos) Reunited?! Guess Which Ex Of Ashanti Was Seen Partying With The Songstress?!


Even though sales has been projected low for the “Always On Time” Songstress, Ashanti has not let that ruin her celebrations. While stopping in Atlanta to continue her celebrations, she was joined by was special ex-someone.

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Guess What Frank Ocean Is Changing His Name To?!

Frank Ocean

Apparently, Odd Future member Frank Ocean has gotten tired of his name, Christopher Edwin Breaux and has decided to change his name. The Odd Future member recently went to file legal papers and to legally change his name. But to what?!

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(Graphic) SMH: Pittsburgh Teen Does WHAT To A 70-Year-Old Nun?!?!


What is the world coming to? An 18-year-old in Pittsburgh is arrested and accused of brutally raping a nun in the parking lot BEHIND the church she serves in. While gathering herself to walk into the church, the kid walked up to her and asked if she needed any help. She responded “no” and began to walk away. At that point, he told her to “look” and then exposed himself. She continued walking away when…

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