Fetty Wap

It’s hard to keep up with Fetty Wap’s love life these days, but since that’s the type of thing we’re paid to do here, I’ve got the scoop for you guys!

The “Trap Queen” rapper may catch jokes about his eye on social media, but it’s clearly not holding him back with the ladies at ALL! There’s Ariel, who he dated a throughout high school and had a son with a few years back. The pair broke up before his newfound success, however, and he began dating a woman by the name of Yaya. Somewhere in between that, he had what appears to have been a brief fling with another woman – haven’t figured out her name yet – and the pair welcomed a daughter earlier this year. There’s also Alexis Sky, an Instagram model who Fetty has been linked to as of late, despite the fact that he’s still with Yaya. In fact, just this weekend, Alexis posted a photo with Fetty down in her city of ATL, and a day later, Yaya posted a photo with Fetty back in Jersey in his new whip (a Ferrari, gifted to him by his manager for his birthday.)

Clearly, this guy knows all the right things to say! Either way, the point of this post was that we finally got pics of his daughter’s mother. Check them out in the gallery!

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