A teacher at the Harrow School in England was contemplating suicide after some topless photos of her were circulating among her students and then ended up on a newspaper.  She was a former model, but never wanted this to happen to her.  She now tells her side of story after some time about the pics and how easily a lost memory stick and the internet ruined her career. Hit the jump.

Steph Bassanini

It is surely the fantasy of any bored schoolboy to have a beautiful schoolmistress upon whom to harbour a crush.
For the pupils of a famous, centuries-old North London boys’ public school, that dream recently became reality. When she first arrived at Harrow School to take up her teaching role in the art department, Joanne Salley – a former Miss Northern Ireland – found herself the object of innocent schoolboy infatuations.
But last year the fantasy turned sour when the teacher became an unwitting internet sensation as revealing photographs of her spiralled out from the school and across the worldwide web.
Joanne, 33, is vibrant and bubbly, with a gentle Northern Irish lilt to her speech, and a warm and trusting manner.
As she clacks into the Knightsbridge café she’s suggested we meet in for coffee (she’s staying at a friend’s flat nearby) she is wrapped in a cream cashmere sweater and wheeling a suitcase behind her – in a few hours’ time she will fly to her friend Lisa B’s ‘wild’ themed 40th birthday party in Ibiza.
With her friendly personality, abundant honey-coloured hair and long, slim legs it’s clear to see how Miss Salley would have won legions of teen admirers at the school.
Only last year life had seemed perfect. Joanne was living in a flat with half an acre of garden at the end of a pretty private lane on the school premises.
Classes were just a ten-minute walk away, and in her private time she could walk through the wood to play golf. But just when she felt she couldn’t be happier, her whole world fell apart.
It was late spring and Joanne was invigilating a GCSE art exam. ‘The boys were all quietly working at their tables. I felt so proud knowing they would do really well in their exam.’
At that moment, she received a phone call from a colleague in the school medical centre. She asked if Joanne was sitting down. ‘There are nude photographs of you circulating the school,’ the woman said.
Joanne laughed, and told her not to be silly – that the boys must have Photoshopped her face on to someone else’s body. Then suddenly she remembered – ‘and it felt like a ton of bricks falling on my head’.

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