True Blood had its fifth episode this season today and it was another crazy night! Sookie is as flirtatious as ever with her supernatural friends, hit the jump for tonight’s recap and Sookie’s wild nights.

Steph Bassanini

Another crazy night of True Blood season 5. Now there is a love square, some crazy supernatural killing group, and a fire demon? Where is True Blood season 5 going? So much going on and so many new developments on each episode of True Blood season 5. It’s hard to take it all in or decide which storyline is most intriguing for this season of True Blood. If you’re still catching up on all the True Blood season 5 madness, skip watching reruns of the episode and just read our recap!

This episode of True Blood began with Sookie and Alcide still making out on the couch and then moving it to the bedroom. There ready to go then Sookie vomits. They hear Eric say “Alcide, you sure know how to treat a lady.” Eric and Bill are standing in the doorway.
Lafayette returns to his home to literally confront his demons. He calls on Jesus for help.
Terry and Patrick’s army buddy ties them both up and ask them if someone followed them there. He points a gun and leaves.
Jason dreams about when he was a child on Christmas. He’s happy to see his parents then he starts seeing their bleeding necks, but they continue to talk to him. He then wakes up and receives a call.
Arlene walks in on a naked Andy as she’s trying to let him know his phone was ringing.
Bill and Eric try to force Alcide’s help but it leads to an argument. Then Sookie kind of has a freak out and rants. She then puts on her jacket and wants to lead the hunt for Russell.
Tara enters the club and all eyes are on her. Pam tells her she doesn’t look too bad and wants her to bartend. Tara attacks a customer and Pam attacks her and tells her not to do it because it could jeopardize fangtasia.
Sookie uses her powers to read the minds of people they’re questioning about Russell. They learn Nora may have betrayed them, then a scene of the Vampire Authority watching Nora, who seems to have taken a trip to crazyville.
Terry’s old army friend is about to kill them in order to get forgiven, but they stop him and he tells them the fire has its own life and follows him. He says they’ve been cursed and a fire monster is after them. Terry starts to have more flashbacks of the incident. There was a woman alive and Terry kills her to save them from being exposed. It appears she cursed them before her death.
Jason arrives at the scene of where Sam’s shapeshifter friends were killed. He starts to have flashbacks of his parent’s possible death. Andy and Jason talk about what happened at the fairy club. Andy vows to have no more to do with the fairies. Then he questions Sam about his friends.
At Fangtasia, Jessica begins talking to Tara about being a vampire, she tells her she understands how it feels. Jessica tells Tara she can be her friend and Tara opens up about being a vampire. Jessica tries to assure her being a vampire is not bad and they bond over feeding on people and other vampire privileges.
Bill and Eric argue about Nora’s intentions and they almost fight. They get a call from Molly, vampire author tech girl, letting them know they have a short amount of time to find Russell.
Sookie, Alcide, Bill and Eric gets to the place where Russell’s body is supposed to be. They try to leave Sookie behind but she’s not having it.
Andy and Jason notice that wooden bullet to kill Sam’s friends, that’s odd because those buliets are usually used to kill vampires. Jason has a new found hate for vampires.
In the abandoned house where Russell’s body is in, they find lots of dead bodies and rats.
Tara leaves the club to smoke and runs into Hoyt dressed up for his new fangbanging life style. He tries to be sexy and fails. She tells him to go home to his mom, but seems intrigued by the idea of feeding off him.
Terry remembers burning all the civilian bodies in Iraq. Terry admits he saw the monster in Iraq. He convinces their friend to release them. Patrick doesn’t believe either of them and punches and ties up their friend. Patrick tries to convince Terry that Ellis (their Iraq friend) is just crazy. While Ellis is tied up the fire monster gets him. Lafayette and his mother, Ruby Jean, both see Jesus head without a zipped up mouth. She begins screaming for Lafayette.
Sookie and the gang find Russell’s victims and potential ones tied up. Sam finds Luna and tells her about the deaths. When he leaves her house someone shoots him. Then shoots Luna. Emma comes out and finds her mother and him lying on the ground. Emma escapes by turning into a wolf.
Roman gives a speech about traitors and flash scenes of different things, including Jessica feeding then hears Hoyt and Tara in the other stall. Tara and Jessica begin fighting over Hoyt.
Sookie and the gang find Russell. Eric says they’ve come to finish what they started and something happens because Alcide falls and howls after Russell says give it your best shot.
Uh oh…I knew getting Russell wouldn’t be that easy.